# $ & ( * + - / < = > ? @ ^ _ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

#/-reader User level APIs for regular expression
#?= (sagittarius debug) - Debugging support

$any Predefined parsers
$bind Predefined parsers
$char-set-contains? Character specific parsers
$cond Predefined parsers
$cond Predefined parsers
$do Predefined parsers
$empty Predefined parsers
$eof Predefined parsers
$eqv? Predefined parsers
$expect Predefined parsers
$fail Predefined parsers
$guard Predefined parsers
$if Predefined parsers
$lazy Predefined parsers
$many Predefined parsers
$many Predefined parsers
$many Predefined parsers
$not Predefined parsers
$optional Predefined parsers
$optional Predefined parsers
$or Predefined parsers
$parameterize Predefined parsers
$peek Predefined parsers
$repeat Predefined parsers
$return Predefined parsers
$return Predefined parsers
$return Predefined parsers
$satisfy Predefined parsers
$satisfy Predefined parsers
$seq Predefined parsers
$token Character specific parsers
$unless Predefined parsers
$when Predefined parsers

&assertion Standard condition types
&crypto-error Cryptographic conditions
&dbi-driver-not-exist Conditions
&dbi-error Conditions
&dbi-sql-error Conditions
&dbi-unsupported Conditions
&decode-error Cryptographic conditions
&decrypt-error Cryptographic conditions
&encode-error Cryptographic conditions
&encrypt-error Cryptographic conditions
&error Standard condition types
&future-terminated Future
&host-not-found Socket conditions
&http-error (rfc http) - HTTP client
&i/o I/O condition types
&i/o-decoding Transcoders
&i/o-encoding Transcoders
&i/o-file-already-exists I/O condition types
&i/o-file-does-not-exist I/O condition types
&i/o-file-is-read-only I/O condition types
&i/o-file-protection I/O condition types
&i/o-filename I/O condition types
&i/o-invalid-position I/O condition types
&i/o-port I/O condition types
&i/o-read I/O condition types
&i/o-write I/O condition types
&implementation-restriction Standard condition types
&integrity-error Cryptographic conditions
&invalid-pem-format Conditions
&irritants Standard condition types
&lexical Standard condition types
&message Standard condition types
&no-infinities Flonums
&no-nans Flonums
&non-continuable Standard condition types
&pem-error Conditions
&pre-allocated-buffer-overflow Conditions
&pre-eb-as-boundary Conditions
&rejected-execution-error Thread pool executor
&serious Standard condition types
&socket Socket conditions
&socket-closed Socket conditions
&socket-connection Socket conditions
&socket-port Socket conditions
&socket-read-timeout Socket conditions
&syntax Standard condition types
&undefined Standard condition types
&violation Standard condition types
&warning Standard condition types
&who Standard condition types
&zlib-error (rfc zlib) - zlib compression library

(archive interface) Implementing archive implementation library
(asn.1) (asn.1) - Abstract Syntas Notation One library
(binary data) (binary io) - Binary I/O utilities
(binary data) (binary data) - Binary data read/write
(binary pack) (binary pack) - Packing binary data
(clos core) (clos core) - CLOS core library
(clos user) (clos user) -CLOS user APIs
(crypto) (crypto) - Cryptographic library
(dbd odbc) (dbd odbc) - DBD for ODBC
(dbi) (dbi) - Database independent access layer
(dbm) (dbm) - Generic DBM interface
(getopt) (getopt) - Parsing command-line options
(json) (json) -- JSON parser library
(match) (match) -- Pattern matching
(math hash) Hash operations
(math helper) Misc arithmetic operations
(math prime) Prime number operations
(math random) Random number operations
(math) (math) - Mathematics library
(net http-client) (net http-client) - Modern HTTP client
(net mq amqp) (net mq amqp) - AMQP library
(net mq mqtt broker) MQTT broker
(net mq mqtt) (net mq mqtt) - MQTT library
(net oauth) (net oauth) - OAuth library
(net server) (net server) - Simple server framework
(net socket) (net socket) - Modern Socket library
(odbc) (odbc) - ODBC binding
(packrat) (packrat) -- Packrat parser library
(peg chars) Character specific parsers
(peg) (peg) - PEG library
(record builder) (record builder) - Record builder
(rfc :5322) (rfc :5322) - Internet message format library
(rfc base64) (rfc base64) - Base 64 encode and decode library
(rfc cmac) (rfc cmac) - CMAC library
(rfc hmac) (rfc hmac) - HMAC library
(rfc hotp) (rfc hotp) - HMAC-based One-Time Password library
(rfc http) (rfc http-connections) - HTTP client utilities
(rfc http) (rfc http) - HTTP client
(rfc http2) (rfc http2) - HTTP/2 client
(rfc json-pointer) (rfc json-pointer) - JSON Pointer
(rfc jwe) (rfc jwe) - Json Web Encryption
(rfc jwk) (rfc jwk) - Json Web Key
(rfc jws) (rfc jws) - Json Web Signature
(rfc jwt) (rfc jwt) - Json Web Token
(rfc pem) (rfc pem) - PEM format library
(rfc quoted-printable) (rfc quoted-printable) - Base 64 encode and decode library
(rfc smtp) (rfc smtp) - SMTP client
(rfc tls) (rfc tls) - TLS protocol library
(rfc totp) (rfc totp) - Time-based One-Time Password library
(rfc uri) (rfc uri) - Parse and construct URIs
(rfc uri-template) (rfc uri-template) - URI template
(rfc uuid) (rfc uuid) - UUID generate library
(rfc websocket) (rfc websocket) - WebSocket
(rfc x.509) (rfc x.509) - X.509 certificate utility library
(rfc zlib) (rfc zlib) - zlib compression library
(rnrs (6)) Top library
(rnrs arithmetic bitwise (6)) Exact bitwise arithmetic
(rnrs arithmetic fixnums (6)) Fixnums
(rnrs arithmetic flonums (6)) Flonums
(rnrs base (6)) Base Library
(rnrs bytevectors (6)) Bytevectors
(rnrs conditions (6)) Conditions
(rnrs control (6)) Control structures
(rnrs enums (6)) Enumerations
(rnrs eval (6)) eval
(rnrs exceptions (6)) Exceptions
(rnrs files (6)) File system
(rnrs hashtable (6)) Hashtables
(rnrs io ports (6)) Port I/O
(rnrs io simple (6)) Simple I/O
(rnrs lists (6)) List utilities
(rnrs mutable-pairs (6)) Mutable pairs
(rnrs mutable-stringss (6)) Mutable strings
(rnrs programs (6)) Command-line access and exit values
(rnrs r5rs (6)) R5RS compatibility
(rnrs records procedural (6)) Records procedural layer
(rnrs records syntactic (6)) Records inspection
(rnrs records syntactic (6)) Records syntactic layer
(rnrs sorting (6)) Sorting
(rnrs syntax-case (6)) Syntax-case
(rnrs unicode (6)) Unicode
(rpc json) (rpc json) - JSON RPC library
(rpc message) Message framework
(rpc transport http) Http transport
(rsa pkcs :5) (rsa pkcs :5) - Password Based Cryptography library
(sagittarius control) (sagittarius control) - control library
(sagittarius debug) (sagittarius debug) - Debugging support
(sagittarius ffi) (sagittarius ffi) - Foreign Function Interface
(sagittarius filewatch) (sagittarius filewatch) - Monitoring filesystem
(sagittarius generators) (sagittarius generators) - Generators
(sagittarius io) (sagittarius io) - Extra IO library
(sagittarius mop allocation) (sagittarius mop allocation)
(sagittarius mop eql) (sagittarius mop eql)
(sagittarius mop validator) (sagittarius mop validator)
(sagittarius object) (sagittarius object) - Convenient refs and coercion procedures
(sagittarius process) (sagittarius process) - Process library
(sagittarius reader) (sagittarius reader) - reader macro library
(sagittarius record) (sagittarius record) - Extra record inspection library
(sagittarius regex) (sagittarius regex) - regular expression library
(sagittarius socket) (sagittarius socket) - socket library
(sagittarius threads) (sagittarius threads) - Thread
(sagittarius timezone) (sagittarius timezone) - Timezone
(sagittarius) (sagittarius) - builtin library
(scheme base) Base library
(scheme bitwise) Bitwise library
(scheme box) Box library
(scheme bytevector) Bytevector library
(scheme case-lambda) Case-lambda library
(scheme char) Char library
(scheme charset) Character set library
(scheme comparator) Comparator library
(scheme complex) Complex library
(scheme cxr) CxR library
(scheme division) Division library
(scheme ephemeron) Ephemeron library
(scheme eval) Eval library
(scheme file) File library
(scheme fixnum) Fixnum library
(scheme flonum) Flonum library
(scheme format) Format library
(scheme generator) Generator library
(scheme hash-table) Hashtable library
(scheme ideque) Immutable deque library
(scheme ilist) Immutable list library
(scheme inexact) Inexact library
(scheme lazy) Lazy library
(scheme lazy-seq) Lazy sequence library
(scheme list queue) List queue library
(scheme list) List library
(scheme load) Load library
(scheme mapping hash) Hash mapping library
(scheme mapping) Mapping library
(scheme process-context) Process-Context library
(scheme r5rs) R5RS library
(scheme read) Read library
(scheme repl) Repl library
(scheme rlist) Random access list library
(scheme set) Set library
(scheme sort) Sorting library
(scheme stream) Stream library
(scheme text) Immutable text library
(scheme time) Time library
(scheme vector Homogeneous vector library per types
(scheme vector base) Homogeneous vector library base
(scheme vector) Vector library
(scheme write) Write library
(security keystore) (security keystore) - Generic Keystore Access
(setter ref) (sagittarius object) - Convenient refs and coercion procedures
(text csv) (text csv) - Comma separated values parser library
(text html-lite) (text html-lite) - Simple HTML document builder library
(text json jmespath) (text json jmespath) - JMESPath
(text json mutable) (text json mutable) - Mutable JSON
(text json object-builder) (text json object-builder) -- JSON object builder/serializer
(text json pointer) (text json patch) - JSON Patch
(text json pointer) (text json pointer) - JSON Pointer
(text json schema) (text json schema) - JSON Schema
(text json validator) (text json validator) - JSON validator
(text json) (text json) -- JSON parser
(text markdown parser) Markdown extensions
(text markdown) (text markdown) -- Markdown parser and converter
(text parse) (text parse) - Parsing input stream
(text sxml html-parser) (text sxml html-parser) - Flxible HTML parser
(text sxml object-builder) (text sxml object-builder) - SXML to Scheme object builder
(text sxml ssax) (text sxml ssax) - Functional XML parser
(text sxml sxpath) (text sxml sxpath) - Functional XML parser
(text tree) (text tree) - Lightweight text generation
(text yaml) (text yaml) -- YAML parser
(thread-pool-current-thread-id) Thread pool
(time) Debugging aid
(tlv) (tlv) - TLV library
(util buffer) (util buffer) - Buffer utilities
(util bytevector) (util bytevector) - Bytevector utility library
(util concurrent actor) Actor
(util concurrent completable-future) Actor
(util concurrent executor) Executor
(util concurrent future) Future
(util concurrent shared-queue) Shared queues
(util concurrent thread-pool) Thread pool
(util concurrent) (util concurrent) - Concurrency utilities
(util deque) (util deque) - Deque
(util file) (util file) - File operation utility library
(util hashtables) (util hashtables) - Hashtable utilities
(util heap) (util heap) - Heap
(util list) (util list) - Extra list utility library
(util logging) (util logging) - Logging utilities
(util queue) (util queue) - Queue
(util timer) (util timer) - Timer
(util treemap) (util treemap) - Treemap
(util vector) (util vector) - Extra vector utility library

* Arithmetic operations
*. Arithmetic operations
*base64-decode-table* Low level APIs
*base64-decode-url-table* Low level APIs
*base64-encode-table* Low level APIs
*base64-encode-url-table* Low level APIs
*http-user-agent* Request APIs
*json-map-type* (text json) -- JSON parser
*json-patcher:ignore-no-such-path* (text json patch) - JSON Patch
*json-schema:lint-mode?* JSON Schema validator
*json-schema:report-port* JSON Schema validator
*json-schema:resolve-external-schema?* JSON Schema validator
*json-schema:validate-format?* JSON Schema validator
*json-schema:validator-error-reporter* JSON Schema validator
*namespace* High level APIs
*post-json-array-build* JSON object builder
*post-json-object-build* JSON object builder
*rfc2396-unreserved-char-set* (rfc uri) - Parse and construct URIs
*rfc3986-unreserved-char-set* (rfc uri) - Parse and construct URIs
*rfc5322-atext-chars* Basic field parsers
*rfc5322-standard-tokenizers* Basic field parsers
*tls-version-1.0* (rfc tls) - TLS protocol library
*tls-version-1.1* (rfc tls) - TLS protocol library
*tls-version-1.2* (rfc tls) - TLS protocol library
*uuid-random-state* Predefined namespaces and parameters
*uuids-per-tick* Predefined namespaces and parameters

+ Arithmetic operations
+. Arithmetic operations
+debug-level+ Loggers
+default-chunk-size+ Chunk buffered port
+error-level+ Loggers
+fatal-level+ Loggers
+info-level+ Loggers
+mqtt-3.1+ (net mq mqtt) - MQTT library
+mqtt-3.1.1+ (net mq mqtt) - MQTT library
+namespace-dns+ Predefined namespaces and parameters
+namespace-oid+ Predefined namespaces and parameters
+namespace-url+ Predefined namespaces and parameters
+namespace-x500+ Predefined namespaces and parameters
+qos-at-least-once+ (net mq mqtt) - MQTT library
+qos-at-most-once+ (net mq mqtt) - MQTT library
+qos-exactly-once+ (net mq mqtt) - MQTT library
+ssh-fxf-append+ High level APIs
+ssh-fxf-creat+ High level APIs
+ssh-fxf-excl+ High level APIs
+ssh-fxf-read+ High level APIs
+ssh-fxf-trunc+ High level APIs
+ssh-fxf-write+ High level APIs
+trace-level+ Loggers
+warn-level+ Loggers
+websocket-binary-frame+ WebSocket Messages
+websocket-close-frame+ WebSocket Messages
+websocket-ping-frame+ WebSocket Messages
+websocket-pong-frame+ WebSocket Messages
+websocket-text-frame+ WebSocket Messages

- Arithmetic operations
- Arithmetic operations
-. Arithmetic operations
-. Arithmetic operations
-> JSON object serializer
->binary-pre-allocated-buffer-output-port Operations
->chunked-binary-input-port Chunk buffered port
->generator Generator constructors
->integer (sagittarius object) - Convenient refs and coercion procedures
->number (sagittarius object) - Convenient refs and coercion procedures
->odd-parity (util bytevector) - Bytevector utility library
->odd-parity! (util bytevector) - Bytevector utility library
->string (sagittarius object) - Convenient refs and coercion procedures

/ Arithmetic operations
/ Arithmetic operations
/. Arithmetic operations
/. Arithmetic operations

< Arithmetic operations
<!> High level APIs
<= Arithmetic operations
<allocation-meta> (sagittarius mop allocation)
<allocation-mixin> (sagittarius mop allocation)
<appender> Appenders
<archive-entry> Implementing archive implementation library
<archive-input> Implementing archive implementation library
<archive-output> Implementing archive implementation library
<async-logger> Loggers
<cipher-spi> Creating own cipher
<csv> Low level APIs
<ctr-paramater> Mode parameters
<custom-binary-input-port> Custom ports
<custom-binary-input/output-port> Custom ports
<custom-binary-output-port> Custom ports
<custom-textual-input-port> Custom ports
<custom-textual-input/output-port> Custom ports
<custom-textual-output-port> Custom ports
<daily-rolling-file-appender> Appenders
<dbm-meta> Opening and closing a dbm database
<dbm> Opening and closing a dbm database
<deque> (util deque) - Deque
<eql-specializable-generic> (sagittarius mop eql)
<executor-future> Executor future
<executor> Generic Executor APIs
<file-appender> Appenders
<fork-join-executor> Fork join executor
<future> Future
<heap> Constructors, predicates and accessors
<iv-paramater> Mode parameters
<json-request> (rpc json) - JSON RPC library
<json-response> (rpc json) - JSON RPC library
<json-validator> (text json validator) - JSON validator
<jwe-header> JWE Header
<jwe-object> JWE Object
<jws-header> JWS Header
<jws-object> JWS Object
<jws-signed-object> JWS Object
<jwt-claims> JWT Claims
<key-provider> Key Provider
<keystore> Generic APIs
<log> Creating appenders
<logger> Loggers
<mtdeque> (util deque) - Deque
<mtqueue> (util queue) - Queue
<padding-paramater> Mode parameters
<pkcs12-keystore> Keystore APIs
<pre-allocated-buffer> Pre-allocated buffer
<private-key> Key operations
<public-key> Key operations
<queue> (util queue) - Queue
<rfc3686-paramater> Mode parameters
<rolling-file-appender> Appenders
<server-config> Configuration
<shared-queue> Shared queues
<simple-future> Simple future
<simple-server> Server
<socket-info> Socket information
<thread-pool-executor> Thread pool executor
<thread-pool> Thread pool
<uuid> (rfc uuid) - UUID generate library
<validator-meta> (sagittarius mop validator)
<validator-mixin> (sagittarius mop validator)

= Arithmetic operations

> Arithmetic operations
>= Arithmetic operations

? High level APIs
? JSON object serializer
? JSON object builder
?? High level APIs

@ JSON object serializer
@ JSON object builder

^ (sagittarius control) - control library
^c (sagittarius control) - control library
^c* (sagittarius control) - control library

_struct-name_ C struct operations
_struct-name_ C struct operations

abort-rejected-handler Thread pool executor
abs Arithmetic operations
access-protected-resource (net oauth) - OAuth library
acons List operations
acos Arithmetic operations
actor-receive-message! Actor
actor-running? Actor
actor-send-message! Actor
actor-terminate! Actor
actor-wait! Actor
actor? Actor
add-load-path Load path
add-load-suffix Load path
add-method (clos core) - CLOS core library
add-record! Low level APIs
add-records! Low level APIs
add-records! Low level APIs
address Creating C functions
address Creating C functions
addrinfo-sockaddr Addrinfo
addrinfo? Addrinfo
adler32 (rfc zlib) - zlib compression library
AES Cipher operations
AES-128 Cipher operations
AES-192 Cipher operations
AES-256 Cipher operations
align-of- Sizes and aligns
alist->hashtable (util hashtables) - Hashtable utilities
alist->heap Constructors, predicates and accessors
alist->treemap Conversions
allocate-c-struct C struct operations
allocate-pointer Pointer operations
amqp-connection? High level APIs
amqp-message? High level APIs
amqp-receiver? High level APIs
amqp-sender? High level APIs
amqp-session? High level APIs
and Derived conditionals
angle Arithmetic operations
any-in-deque (util deque) - Deque
any-in-queue (util queue) - Queue
append Pairs and lists
append! List operations
append-entry! Archive output
append-log Creating appenders
appender-finish Creating appenders
appender-log-format Creating appenders
appender? Appenders
apply Control features
archive (archive) - Generic archive interface
archive-entry-name Entry accessor
archive-entry-type Entry accessor
arity Debugging aid
array_of Extra functions
as-nodeset Basic converters and applicators
asin Arithmetic operations
assc List utilities
assert-curr-char (text parse) - Parsing input stream
assertion-violation Errors and violations
assertion-violation? Standard condition types
assp List utilities
assq List utilities
assv List utilities
async-logger? Loggers
async-process-read Middle level APIs
atan Arithmetic operations
atan Arithmetic operations
attlist->alist Low-level parsing code
attlist-add Low-level parsing code
attlist-fold Low-level parsing code
attlist-null? Low-level parsing code
attlist-remove-top Low-level parsing code
authorize-request-token (net oauth) - OAuth library

base-generator->results parse-results
base64-decode Decoding procedures
base64-decode-string Decoding procedures
base64-encode Encoding procedures
base64-encode-string Encoding procedures
base64url-decode Decoding procedures
base64url-decode-string Decoding procedures
base64url-encode Encoding procedures
base64url-encode-string Encoding procedures
begin Sequencing
begin Sequencing
begin-amqp-session! High level APIs
begin0 (sagittarius control) - control library
binary-port? Input and output ports
binary-pre-allocated-buffer-can-store? Operations
binary-pre-allocated-buffer-get-bytevector-n! Operations
binary-pre-allocated-buffer-put-bytevector! Operations
binary-pre-allocated-buffer-put-f32! Operations
binary-pre-allocated-buffer-put-f64! Operations
binary-pre-allocated-buffer-put-s16! Operations
binary-pre-allocated-buffer-put-s32! Operations
binary-pre-allocated-buffer-put-s64! Operations
binary-pre-allocated-buffer-put-s8! Operations
binary-pre-allocated-buffer-put-u16! Operations
binary-pre-allocated-buffer-put-u32! Operations
binary-pre-allocated-buffer-put-u64! Operations
binary-pre-allocated-buffer-put-u8! Operations
binary-pre-allocated-buffer-set-bytevector! Operations
binary-pre-allocated-buffer-set-f32! Operations
binary-pre-allocated-buffer-set-f64! Operations
binary-pre-allocated-buffer-set-s16! Operations
binary-pre-allocated-buffer-set-s32! Operations
binary-pre-allocated-buffer-set-s64! Operations
binary-pre-allocated-buffer-set-s8! Operations
binary-pre-allocated-buffer-set-u16! Operations
binary-pre-allocated-buffer-set-u32! Operations
binary-pre-allocated-buffer-set-u64! Operations
binary-pre-allocated-buffer-set-u8! Operations
binary-pre-allocated-buffer-swap! Operations
binary-pre-allocated-buffer? Binary pre-allocated buffer
bind-parameter! (odbc) - ODBC binding
bitwise-and Exact bitwise arithmetic
bitwise-arithmetic-shift Exact bitwise arithmetic
bitwise-arithmetic-shift-left Exact bitwise arithmetic
bitwise-arithmetic-shift-right Exact bitwise arithmetic
bitwise-bit-count Exact bitwise arithmetic
bitwise-bit-field Exact bitwise arithmetic
bitwise-bit-set? Exact bitwise arithmetic
bitwise-copy-bit Exact bitwise arithmetic
bitwise-copy-bit-field Exact bitwise arithmetic
bitwise-first-bit-set Exact bitwise arithmetic
bitwise-if Exact bitwise arithmetic
bitwise-ior Exact bitwise arithmetic
bitwise-length Exact bitwise arithmetic
bitwise-not Exact bitwise arithmetic
bitwise-reverse-bit-field Exact bitwise arithmetic
bitwise-rotate-bit-field Exact bitwise arithmetic
bitwise-xor Exact bitwise arithmetic
BLAKE2b-160 Hash operations
BLAKE2b-256 Hash operations
BLAKE2b-384 Hash operations
BLAKE2b-512 Hash operations
BLAKE2s-128 Hash operations
BLAKE2s-160 Hash operations
BLAKE2s-224 Hash operations
BLAKE2s-256 Hash operations
Blowfish Cipher operations
boolean=? Booleans
boolean? Booleans
bound-identifier=? Syntax-case
buffer-mode Buffer modes
buffer-mode? Buffer modes
buffered-port (sagittarius io) - Extra IO library
buffered-port I/O
build-path Path operations
build-path File system operations
build-path* Path operations
bytevector Bytevectors
bytevector->escaped-string (util bytevector) - Bytevector utility library
bytevector->generator Generator constructors
bytevector->hex-string (util bytevector) - Bytevector utility library
bytevector->integer Bytevector operations
bytevector->pointer Pointer operations
bytevector->sint-list Operations on integers of arbitary size
bytevector->sinteger Bytevector operations
bytevector->string Transcoders
bytevector->u8-list Operation on bytes and octets
bytevector->uint-list Operations on integers of arbitary size
bytevector->uinteger Bytevector operations
bytevector->uuid Converters
bytevector-and (util bytevector) - Bytevector utility library
bytevector-and! (util bytevector) - Bytevector utility library
bytevector-append Bytevector operations
bytevector-append Bytevectors
bytevector-concatenate Bytevector operations
bytevector-contains Bytevectors as ASCII strings
bytevector-copy General operations
bytevector-copy! Bytevectors
bytevector-copy! General operations
bytevector-delete Bytevectors as ASCII strings
bytevector-drop Bytevectors as ASCII strings
bytevector-drop-right Bytevectors as ASCII strings
bytevector-fill! General operations
bytevector-filter Bytevectors as ASCII strings
bytevector-fold Bytevectors as ASCII strings
bytevector-fold-right Bytevectors as ASCII strings
bytevector-ieee-double-native-ref Operation on IEEE-754 representations
bytevector-ieee-double-native-set! Operation on IEEE-754 representations
bytevector-ieee-double-ref Operation on IEEE-754 representations
bytevector-ieee-double-set! Operation on IEEE-754 representations
bytevector-ieee-single-native-ref Operation on IEEE-754 representations
bytevector-ieee-single-native-set! Operation on IEEE-754 representations
bytevector-ieee-single-ref Operation on IEEE-754 representations
bytevector-ieee-single-set! Operation on IEEE-754 representations
bytevector-index Bytevectors as ASCII strings
bytevector-index-right Bytevectors as ASCII strings
bytevector-ior (util bytevector) - Bytevector utility library
bytevector-ior! (util bytevector) - Bytevector utility library
bytevector-length General operations
bytevector-pad Bytevectors as ASCII strings
bytevector-pad-right Bytevectors as ASCII strings
bytevector-prefix-length Bytevectors as ASCII strings
bytevector-prefix? Bytevectors as ASCII strings
bytevector-replace Bytevectors as ASCII strings
bytevector-reverse (util bytevector) - Bytevector utility library
bytevector-reverse! (util bytevector) - Bytevector utility library
bytevector-s16-native-ref Operation on 16-bit integers
bytevector-s16-native-set! Operation on 16-bit integers
bytevector-s16-ref Operation on 16-bit integers
bytevector-s16-set! Operation on 16-bit integers
bytevector-s32-native-ref Operation on 32-bit integers
bytevector-s32-native-set! Operation on 32-bit integers
bytevector-s32-ref Operation on 32-bit integers
bytevector-s32-set! Operation on 32-bit integers
bytevector-s64-native-ref Operation on 64-bit integers
bytevector-s64-native-set! Operation on 64-bit integers
bytevector-s64-ref Operation on 64-bit integers
bytevector-s64-set! Operation on 64-bit integers
bytevector-s8-ref Operation on bytes and octets
bytevector-s8-set! Operation on bytes and octets
bytevector-sint-ref Operations on integers of arbitary size
bytevector-sint-set! Operations on integers of arbitary size
bytevector-skip Bytevectors as ASCII strings
bytevector-skip-right Bytevectors as ASCII strings
bytevector-slices (util bytevector) - Bytevector utility library
bytevector-split-at* (util bytevector) - Bytevector utility library
bytevector-suffix-length Bytevectors as ASCII strings
bytevector-suffix? Bytevectors as ASCII strings
bytevector-take Bytevectors as ASCII strings
bytevector-take-right Bytevectors as ASCII strings
bytevector-tokenize Bytevectors as ASCII strings
bytevector-trim Bytevectors as ASCII strings
bytevector-trim-both Bytevectors as ASCII strings
bytevector-trim-right Bytevectors as ASCII strings
bytevector-u16-native-ref Operation on 16-bit integers
bytevector-u16-native-set! Operation on 16-bit integers
bytevector-u16-ref Operation on 16-bit integers
bytevector-u16-set! Operation on 16-bit integers
bytevector-u32-native-ref Operation on 32-bit integers
bytevector-u32-native-set! Operation on 32-bit integers
bytevector-u32-ref Operation on 32-bit integers
bytevector-u32-set! Operation on 32-bit integers
bytevector-u64-native-ref Operation on 64-bit integers
bytevector-u64-native-set! Operation on 64-bit integers
bytevector-u64-ref Operation on 64-bit integers
bytevector-u64-set! Operation on 64-bit integers
bytevector-u8-ref Operation on bytes and octets
bytevector-u8-set! Operation on bytes and octets
bytevector-uint-ref Operations on integers of arbitary size
bytevector-uint-set! Operations on integers of arbitary size
bytevector-xor (util bytevector) - Bytevector utility library
bytevector-xor! (util bytevector) - Bytevector utility library
bytevector<=? (util bytevector) - Bytevector utility library
bytevector<? (util bytevector) - Bytevector utility library
bytevector=? General operations
bytevector>=? (util bytevector) - Bytevector utility library
bytevector>? (util bytevector) - Bytevector utility library
bytevector? General operations

c-callback Creating C functions
c-free Pointer operations
c-function Creating C functions
c-malloc Pointer operations
c-struct-ref Low level C struct accessors
c-struct-set! Low level C struct accessors
caar Pairs and lists
cadddr Pairs and lists
cadr Pairs and lists
call High level APIs
call-with-amqp-connection High level APIs
call-with-amqp-connection High level APIs
call-with-bytevector-output-port Output ports
call-with-current-continuation Control features
call-with-input-archive Archive input
call-with-input-archive-file Archive input
call-with-input-archive-port Archive input
call-with-input-file Simple I/O
call-with-input-string (sagittarius io) - Extra IO library
call-with-output-archive Archive output
call-with-output-archive-file Archive output
call-with-output-archive-port Archive output
call-with-output-file Simple I/O
call-with-output-string (sagittarius io) - Extra IO library
call-with-port Input and output ports
call-with-sftp-connection High level APIs
call-with-socket Integration methods
call-with-socket (sagittarius socket) - socket library
call-with-string-output-port Output ports
call-with-values Control features
call/cc Control features
Camellia Cipher operations
car Pairs and lists
car-sxpath Wrappers
case Derived conditionals
case-lambda Control structures
CAST-128 Cipher operations
CAST5 Cipher operations
cddddr Pairs and lists
cdr Pairs and lists
ceiling Arithmetic operations
change-file-mode File system operations
change-file-timestamp! File system operations
char->integer Characters
char-alphabetic? Characters
char-ci<=? Characters
char-ci<? Characters
char-ci=? Characters
char-ci>=? Characters
char-ci>? Characters
char-downcase Characters
char-foldcase Characters
char-general-category Characters
char-lower-case? Characters
char-numeric? Characters
char-ready? I/O
char-set->u8-set U8 sets
char-title-case? Characters
char-titlecase Characters
char-upcase Characters
char-upper-case? Characters
char-whitespace? Characters
char<=? Characters
char<? Characters
char=? Characters
char>=? Characters
char>? Characters
char? Characters
check-arg (sagittarius control) - control library
check-validity (rfc x.509) - X.509 certificate utility library
cipher-decrypt Cipher operations
cipher-decrypt/tag Cipher operations
cipher-decrypt/verify Cipher operations
cipher-encrypt Cipher operations
cipher-encrypt/tag Cipher operations
cipher-keysize Cipher operations
cipher-max-tag-size Cipher operations
cipher-signature Cipher operations
cipher-spi? Creating own cipher
cipher-tag Cipher operations
cipher-tag! Cipher operations
cipher-update-aad! Cipher operations
cipher-verify Cipher operations
cipher? Cipher operations
circular-generator Generator constructors
circular-list? List operations
close Custom ports
close-amqp-connection! High level APIs
close-http-connection! (rfc http-connections) - HTTP client utilities
close-http2-client-connection! (rfc http2) - HTTP/2 client
close-input-file Simple I/O
close-mqtt-connection! (net mq mqtt) - MQTT library
close-output-file Simple I/O
close-port Input and output ports
close-shared-library Shared library operations
close-shared-memory Inter-process communication (IPC)
CMAC (rfc cmac) - CMAC library
collect-sockets FD sets
column-count (odbc) - ODBC binding
combine-key-components Key operations
combine-key-components! Key operations
command-line Command-line access and exit values
commit! (odbc) - ODBC binding
commonmark-parser Markdown parser APIs
compile-regex Low level APIs for regular expression
complex? Numerical type predicates
compute-getter-and-setter (clos core) - CLOS core library
compute-getters-and-setters (clos core) - CLOS core library
cond Derived conditionals
cond-expand Builtin Syntax
cond-list (util list) - Extra list utility library
condition Conditions
condition-accessor Conditions
condition-decrypt-mechanism Cryptographic conditions
condition-driver-name Conditions
condition-encrypt-mechanism Cryptographic conditions
condition-irritants Standard condition types
condition-message Standard condition types
condition-predicate Conditions
condition-variable-broadcast! Condition variable APIs
condition-variable-name Condition variable APIs
condition-variable-signal Condition variable APIs
condition-variable-specific Condition variable APIs
condition-variable-specific-set! Condition variable APIs
condition-variable? Condition variable APIs
condition-who Standard condition types
condition-zlib-stream (rfc zlib) - zlib compression library
condition? Conditions
connect! (odbc) - ODBC binding
connection-open? (odbc) - ODBC binding
cons Pairs and lists
cons* List utilities
convert-markdown Markdown converter APIs
convert-markdown Markdown converter APIs
copy-deque (util deque) - Deque
copy-directory Directory operations
copy-file File system operations
copy-heap Constructors, predicates and accessors
copy-queue (util queue) - Queue
cos Arithmetic operations
cpu-count System and platform
crc32 (rfc zlib) - zlib compression library
create-amqp-binary-message data High level APIs
create-amqp-mime-message content-type data High level APIs
create-amqp-receiver High level APIs
create-amqp-sender High level APIs
create-amqp-text-message text High level APIs
create-directory Directory operations
create-directory File system operations
create-directory* Directory operations
create-entry Archive output
create-entry Archive output
create-odbc-env (odbc) - ODBC binding
create-process Middle level APIs
create-symbolic-link File system operations
crop-binary-buffer Operations
crypto-error? Cryptographic conditions
crypto-object? (crypto) - Cryptographic library
csv->list Middle level APIs
csv-header High level APIs
csv-read High level APIs
csv-read High level APIs
csv-records High level APIs
csv-write High level APIs
csv? High level APIs
current-directory File system operations
current-error-port Output ports
current-input-port Input ports
current-jiffy Time library
current-output-port Output ports
current-second Time library
current-thread Thread APIs

daily-rolling-file-appender? Appenders
date->rfc5322-date Message constructors
datum (sagittarius control) - control library
datum->syntax Syntax-case
dbi-bind-parameter! DBI methods to implement
dbi-bind-parameter! Preparing and executing queries
dbi-close DBI methods to implement
dbi-close DBI methods to implement
dbi-close Preparing and executing queries
dbi-close Database connection
dbi-columns DBI methods to implement
dbi-columns Preparing and executing queries
dbi-commit! DBI methods to implement
dbi-commit! DBI methods to implement
dbi-commit! Preparing and executing queries
dbi-commit! Database connection
dbi-connect Database connection
dbi-driver-not-exist? Conditions
dbi-error? Conditions
dbi-execute! DBI methods to implement
dbi-execute! Preparing and executing queries
dbi-execute-query! Preparing and executing queries
dbi-fetch! DBI methods to implement
dbi-fetch! Preparing and executing queries
dbi-fetch-all! Preparing and executing queries
dbi-make-connection DBI methods to implement
dbi-open? DBI methods to implement
dbi-open? DBI methods to implement
dbi-open? Preparing and executing queries
dbi-open? Database connection
dbi-prepare DBI methods to implement
dbi-prepare Preparing and executing queries
dbi-rollback DBI methods to implement
dbi-rollback! DBI methods to implement
dbi-rollback! Preparing and executing queries
dbi-rollback! Database connection
dbi-sql-error-code Conditions
dbi-sql-error? Conditions
dbi-unsupported? Conditions
dbm-close Opening and closing a dbm database
dbm-closed? Opening and closing a dbm database
dbm-db-copy Managing dbm database instance
dbm-db-exists? Managing dbm database instance
dbm-db-move Managing dbm database instance
dbm-db-remove Managing dbm database instance
dbm-delete! Accessing a dbm database
dbm-exists? Accessing a dbm database
dbm-fold Iterating on a dbm database
dbm-for-each Iterating on a dbm database
dbm-get Accessing a dbm database
dbm-map Iterating on a dbm database
dbm-open Opening and closing a dbm database
dbm-open Opening and closing a dbm database
dbm-put! Accessing a dbm database
dbm-type->class Opening and closing a dbm database
debug-log Loggers
decode-error? Cryptographic conditions
decompose-path Path operations
decrypt-error? Cryptographic conditions
default-delegate-connection-manager-provider Delegate Connection Manager providers
default-markdown-converter Markdown converter APIs
define Variable definitions
define Variable definitions
define Variable definitions
define Variable definitions
define- (binary pack) - Packing binary data
define-c-struct C struct operations
define-c-struct C struct operations
define-c-typedef Typedef operations
define-class (clos user) -CLOS user APIs
define-composite-data-define (binary data) - Binary data read/write
define-condition-type Conditions
define-constant Builtin Syntax
define-dispatch-macro (sagittarius reader) - reader macro library
define-dispatch-macro (sagittarius reader) - reader macro library
define-enumeration Enumerations
define-generic (clos user) -CLOS user APIs
define-library R7RS library system
define-logger-storage Singleton logger
define-logger-storage Singleton logger
define-macro (sagittarius control) - control library
define-macro (sagittarius control) - control library
define-method (clos user) -CLOS user APIs
define-reader Naming convention
define-reader Naming convention
define-reader-macro (sagittarius reader) - reader macro library
define-reader-macro (sagittarius reader) - reader macro library
define-reader-macro (sagittarius reader) - reader macro library
define-record-type Records syntactic layer
define-simple (binary data) - Binary data read/write
define-simple (binary data) - Binary data read/write
define-simple-datum-define (binary data) - Binary data read/write
define-syntax Syntax definitions
define-values Multiple-value definition
define-with-key (sagittarius control) - control library
define-with-key (sagittarius control) - control library
define-with-key (sagittarius control) - control library
define-with-key (sagittarius control) - control library
deflate-bytevector (rfc zlib) - zlib compression library
delay R5RS compatibility
delay-force Lazy library
delete-directory Directory operations
delete-directory File system operations
delete-directory* Directory operations
delete-file File system
denominator Arithmetic operations
deque->list (util deque) - Deque
deque-empty? (util deque) - Deque
deque-front (util deque) - Deque
deque-length (util deque) - Deque
deque-pop! (util deque) - Deque
deque-pop-all! (util deque) - Deque
deque-pop/wait! (util deque) - Deque
deque-push! (util deque) - Deque
deque-push-unique! (util deque) - Deque
deque-push/wait! (util deque) - Deque
deque-rear (util deque) - Deque
deque-shift! (util deque) - Deque
deque-shift-all! (util deque) - Deque
deque-shift/wait! (util deque) - Deque
deque-unshift! (util deque) - Deque
deque-unshift-unique! (util deque) - Deque
deque-unshift/wait! (util deque) - Deque
deque? (util deque) - Deque
deque? (util deque) - Deque
dequeue! (util queue) - Queue
dequeue-all! (util queue) - Queue
dequeue/wait! (util queue) - Queue
deref Pointer operations
derive-key Low level APIs
derive-key&iv Low level APIs
DES Cipher operations
DES3 Cipher operations
DESede Cipher operations
destroy-amqp-receiver High level APIs
destroy-amqp-sender High level APIs
digit-value Char library
disasm Debugging aid
disconnect! (odbc) - ODBC binding
display Simple I/O
div Arithmetic operations
div-and-mod Arithmetic operations
div0 Arithmetic operations
div0-and-mod0 Arithmetic operations
do Control structures
do-entry Archive input
do-entry Archive input
do-generator Generator operations
dolist (sagittarius control) - control library
dotimes (sagittarius control) - control library
dotted-list? List operations
drop* (util list) - Extra list utility library
DSA Cipher operations
dump-tlv High level APIs
dynamic-wind Control features

ECDSA Cipher operations
emergency-exit Process-Context library
empty-pointer Pointer operations
encode High level user APIs
encode-error? Cryptographic conditions
encrypt-error? Cryptographic conditions
end-amqp-session! High level APIs
endianness General operations
enqueue! (util queue) - Queue
enqueue-unique! (util queue) - Queue
enqueue/wait! (util queue) - Queue
enum-set->list Enumerations
enum-set-complement Enumerations
enum-set-constructor Enumerations
enum-set-difference Enumerations
enum-set-indexer Enumerations
enum-set-intersection Enumerations
enum-set-member Enumerations
enum-set-projection Enumerations
enum-set-subst? Enumerations
enum-set-union Enumerations
enum-set-universe Enumerations
enum-set=? Enumerations
environment eval
eof-object End-of-file object
eof-object? End-of-file object
eol-style Transcoders
eq? Equivalence predicates
equal-hash Hash functions
equal? Differ from R6RS
equal? Equivalence predicates
eqv? Equivalence predicates
er-macro-transformer Macro transformer
error Errors and violations
error-handling-mode Transcoders
error-log Loggers
error-object-irritants Error objects
error-object-message Error objects
error-object? Error objects
error? Standard condition types
eval eval
even? Arithmetic operations
every-in-deque (util deque) - Deque
every-in-queue (util queue) - Queue
exact Generic conversion
exact->inexect R5RS compatibility
exact-integer? Numerical operations
exact? Numerical type predicates
execute! (odbc) - ODBC binding
execute-future! Generic Executor APIs
executor-available? Generic Executor APIs
executor-future? Executor future
executor-state Generic Executor APIs
executor-submit! Generic Executor APIs
executor? Generic Executor APIs
exists List utilities
exit Command-line access and exit values
exp Arithmetic operations
expand-uri-template (rfc uri-template) - URI template
expt Arithmetic operations
extract-all-entries Archive input
extract-entry Archive input

fatal-log Loggers
fdset-ref FD sets
fdset-set! FD sets
fdset? FD sets
features System interface
fetch! (odbc) - ODBC binding
fields Records syntactic layer
file->bytevector File to Scheme object operations
file->list File to Scheme object operations
file->sexp-list File to Scheme object operations
file->string File to Scheme object operations
file->string-list File to Scheme object operations
file-appender-filename Appenders
file-appender-filename Appenders
file-appender? Appenders
file-directory? File system operations
file-error? I/O
file-executable? File system operations
file-exists? File system
file-options File options
file-readable? File system operations
file-regular? File system operations
file-size-in-bytes File system operations
file-stat-atime File system operations
file-stat-ctime File system operations
file-stat-mtime File system operations
file-symbolic-link? File system operations
file-writable? File system operations
filesystem-watcher-add-path! (sagittarius filewatch) - Monitoring filesystem
filesystem-watcher-remove-path! (sagittarius filewatch) - Monitoring filesystem
filesystem-watcher-start-monitoring! (sagittarius filewatch) - Monitoring filesystem
filesystem-watcher-stop-monitoring! (sagittarius filewatch) - Monitoring filesystem
filesystem-watcher? (sagittarius filewatch) - Monitoring filesystem
filter List utilities
find List utilities
find-files Path operations
find-in-deque (util deque) - Deque
find-in-queue (util queue) - Queue
find-string-from-port? (text parse) - Parsing input stream
finish! Implementing archive implementation library
finish! Archive output
finish! Archive input
finite? Arithmetic operations
fixnum->flonum Flonums
fixnum-width Fixnums
fixnum? Fixnums
fl* Flonums
fl+ Flonums
fl<=? Flonums
fl<? Flonums
fl=? Flonums
fl>=? Flonums
fl>? Flonums
flabs Flonums
flacos Flonums
flasin Flonums
flatan Flonums
flceiling Flonums
flcos Flonums
fldenominator Flonums
fldiv Flonums
fldiv-and-mod Flonums
fldiv0 Flonums
fldiv0-and-mod0 Flonums
fleven? Flonums
flexp Flonums
flexpt Flonums
flfinite? Flonums
flfloor Flonums
flinfinite? Flonums
flinteger? Flonums
fllog Flonums
flmax Flonums
flmin Flonums
flmod Flonums
flmod0 Flonums
flnan? Flonums
flnegative? Flonums
flnumerator Flonums
flodd? Flonums
flonum? Flonums
floor Arithmetic operations
floor-quotient Numerical operations
floor-remainder Numerical operations
floor/ Numerical operations
flpositive? Flonums
flround Flonums
flsin Flonums
flsqrt Flonums
fltan Flonums
fltruncate Flonums
flush Custom ports
flush-output-port Output ports
flzero? Flonums
fold-left List utilities
fold-right List utilities
foo Notations
for-all List utilities
for-each Pairs and lists
for-each-with-index (util list) - Extra list utility library
force R5RS compatibility
fork-join-executor-available? Fork join executor
fork-join-executor-execute-future! Fork join executor
fork-join-executor-shutdown! Fork join executor
fork-join-executor? Fork join executor
format I/O
format I/O
format-log Creating appenders
format-size (binary pack) - Packing binary data
format-size (binary pack) - Packing binary data
Fortuna Random number operations
free-c-callback Creating C functions
free-handle (odbc) - ODBC binding
free-identifier=? Syntax-case
future Future
future Future
future-cancel Future
future-cancelled? Future
future-done? Future
future-get Future
future-guard Actor
future-map Actor
future-state Future
future-terminated? Future
future? Future
fx* Fixnums
fx*/carry Fixnums
fx+ Fixnums
fx+/carry Fixnums
fx- Fixnums
fx-/carry Fixnums
fx<=? Fixnums
fx<? Fixnums
fx=? Fixnums
fx>=? Fixnums
fx>? Fixnums
fxand Fixnums
fxarithmetic-shift Fixnums
fxarithmetic-shift-left Fixnums
fxarithmetic-shift-right Fixnums
fxbit-count Fixnums
fxbit-field Fixnums
fxbit-set? Fixnums
fxcopy-bit Fixnums
fxcopy-bit-field Fixnums
fxdiv Fixnums
fxdiv-and-mod Fixnums
fxdiv0 Fixnums
fxdiv0-and-mod0 Fixnums
fxeven? Fixnums
fxfirst-bit-set Fixnums
fxif Fixnums
fxior Fixnums
fxlength Fixnums
fxmax Fixnums
fxmin Fixnums
fxmod Fixnums
fxmod0 Fixnums
fxnegative? Fixnums
fxnot Fixnums
fxodd? Fixnums
fxpositive? Fixnums
fxreverse-bit-field Fixnums
fxrotate-bit-field Fixnums
fxxor Fixnums
fxzero? Fixnums

gappend Generator operations
gc System and platform
gcd Arithmetic operations
gcombine Generator operations
gconcatenate Generator operations
gcons* Generator operations
gdelete Generator operations
gdelete-neighbor-dups Generator operations
gdrop Generator operations
gdrop-while Generator operations
generate Generator operations
generate-hmac-based-one-time-password (rfc hotp) - HMAC-based One-Time Password library
generate-key-pair Key operations
generate-private-key Key operations
generate-public-key Key operations
generate-secret-key User level APIs
generate-secret-key Key operations
generate-temporaries Syntax-case
generate-time-based-one-time-password (rfc totp) - Time-based One-Time Password library
get-addrinfo Addrinfo
get-bytevector-all Binary input
get-bytevector-n Binary input
get-bytevector-n! Binary input
get-bytevector-some Binary input
get-char Textual input
get-data! (odbc) - ODBC binding
get-datum Textual input
get-dispatch-macro-character (sagittarius reader) - reader macro library
get-enviromnent-variable Process-Context library
get-enviromnent-variables Process-Context library
get-f32 Binary I/O
get-f64 Binary I/O
get-keyword Keywords
get-line Binary I/O
get-line Textual input
get-mac-address System and platform
get-macro-character (sagittarius reader) - reader macro library
get-optionals (sagittarius control) - control library
get-optionals (sagittarius control) - control library
get-output-bytevector I/O
get-output-string I/O
get-process-times System and platform
get-s16 Binary I/O
get-s16 I/O
get-s32 Binary I/O
get-s32 I/O
get-s64 Binary I/O
get-string-all Textual input
get-string-n Textual input
get-string-n! Textual input
get-thread-times System and platform
get-u16 Binary I/O
get-u16 I/O
get-u32 Binary I/O
get-u32 I/O
get-u64 Binary I/O
get-u8 Binary input
get-unpack (binary pack) - Packing binary data
getpid Low level APIs
gfilter Generator operations
gfilter-map Generator operations
gflatten Generator operations
giota Generator constructors
glet* Generator operations
glet1 Generator operations
gmap Generator operations
gmerge Generator operations
grange Generator constructors
greatest-fixnum Fixnums
gremove Generator operations
gselect Generator operations
gselect Generator operations
gtake Generator operations
gtake-while Generator operations
guard Exceptions
gunfold Generator constructors

hash User level APIs of hash operations
hash-algorithm Hash operations
hash-algorithm? Hash operations
hash-block-size User level APIs of hash operations
hash-done! Low level APIs of hash operations
hash-init! Low level APIs of hash operations
hash-oid Hash operations
hash-process! Low level APIs of hash operations
hash-size User level APIs of hash operations
hashtable->alist (util hashtables) - Hashtable utilities
hashtable-clear Procedures
hashtable-contains? Procedures
hashtable-copy Procedures
hashtable-delete! Procedures
hashtable-entries Procedures
hashtable-equivalence-function Inspection
hashtable-fold (util hashtables) - Hashtable utilities
hashtable-for-each (util hashtables) - Hashtable utilities
hashtable-hash-function Inspection
hashtable-keys Procedures
hashtable-keys-list Hashtables
hashtable-map (util hashtables) - Hashtable utilities
hashtable-mutable? Inspection
hashtable-ref Procedures
hashtable-set! Procedures
hashtable-size Procedures
hashtable-type Hashtables
hashtable-update! Procedures
hashtable-values Hashtables
hashtable-values-list Hashtables
hashtable-weakness Hashtables
hashtable? Procedures
heap-clear! Heap operations
heap-compare Constructors, predicates and accessors
heap-delete! Heap operations
heap-delete! Heap operations
heap-empty? Constructors, predicates and accessors
heap-entry-key Constructors, predicates and accessors
heap-entry-value Constructors, predicates and accessors
heap-entry-value-set! Constructors, predicates and accessors
heap-entry? Constructors, predicates and accessors
heap-extract-min! Heap operations
heap-merge! Heap operations
heap-min Heap operations
heap-ref Heap operations
heap-search Heap operations
heap-set! Heap operations
heap-size Constructors, predicates and accessors
heap-update! Heap operations
heap? Constructors, predicates and accessors
hex-string->bytevector (util bytevector) - Bytevector utility library
HMAC (rfc hmac) - HMAC library
host-not-found-error-node Socket conditions
host-not-found-error-service Socket conditions
host-not-found-error? Socket conditions
hostname Socket information
hotp (rfc hotp) - HMAC-based One-Time Password library
html->shtml High level APIs
html->sxml High level APIs
html->sxml-0nf High level APIs
html->sxml-1nf High level APIs
html->sxml-2nf High level APIs
html-doctype (text html-lite) - Simple HTML document builder library
html-escape (text html-lite) - Simple HTML document builder library
html-escape-string (text html-lite) - Simple HTML document builder library
html: (text html-lite) - Simple HTML document builder library
http-binary-receiver Senders and receivers
http-blob-sender (rfc http-connections) - HTTP client utilities
http-blob-sender (rfc http-connections) - HTTP client utilities
http-blob-sender (rfc http-connections) - HTTP client utilities
http-blob-sender Senders and receivers
http-compose-form-data Utilities
http-compose-query Utilities
http-connection-config-builder Ephemeral Connection Manager
http-connection-config? Ephemeral Connection Manager
http-connection-secure? (rfc http-connections) - HTTP client utilities
http-connection-server (rfc http-connections) - HTTP client utilities
http-connection-server&port (rfc http-connections) - HTTP client utilities
http-connection? (rfc http-connections) - HTTP client utilities
http-delete Request APIs
http-ephemeral-connection-manager? Ephemeral Connection Manager
http-error? (rfc http) - HTTP client
http-file-receiver Senders and receivers
http-get Request APIs
http-gzip-receiver Senders and receivers
http-head Request APIs
http-multipart-sender Senders and receivers
http-null-receiver (rfc http-connections) - HTTP client utilities
http-null-receiver (rfc http-connections) - HTTP client utilities
http-null-receiver (rfc http-connections) - HTTP client utilities
http-null-receiver Senders and receivers
http-null-sender (rfc http-connections) - HTTP client utilities
http-null-sender (rfc http-connections) - HTTP client utilities
http-null-sender (rfc http-connections) - HTTP client utilities
http-null-sender Senders and receivers
http-oport-receiver (rfc http-connections) - HTTP client utilities
http-oport-receiver (rfc http-connections) - HTTP client utilities
http-oport-receiver (rfc http-connections) - HTTP client utilities
http-oport-receiver Senders and receivers
http-pooling-connection-config-builder Pooling Connection Manager
http-pooling-connection-config? Pooling Connection Manager
http-pooling-connection-manager? Pooling Connection Manager
http-post Request APIs
http-put Request APIs
http-request (rfc http-connections) - HTTP client utilities
http-request Request APIs
http-string-receiver Senders and receivers
http-string-sender (rfc http-connections) - HTTP client utilities
http-string-sender (rfc http-connections) - HTTP client utilities
http-string-sender (rfc http-connections) - HTTP client utilities
http-string-sender Senders and receivers
http1-connection? (rfc http-connections) - HTTP client utilities
http2-binary-receiver HTTP/2 receiver
http2-client-connection? (rfc http2) - HTTP/2 client
http2-composite-sender HTTP/2 sender
http2-connection? (rfc http-connections) - HTTP client utilities
http2-data-receiver HTTP/2 receiver
http2-data-sender HTTP/2 sender
http2-get High level APIs
http2-gzip-receiver HTTP/2 receiver
http2-head High level APIs
http2-headers-sender HTTP/2 sender
http2-null-receiver HTTP/2 receiver
http2-post High level APIs
http2-request High level APIs
http:client-builder HTTP client
http:client? HTTP client
http:headers-add! HTTP request and response
http:headers-names HTTP request and response
http:headers-ref HTTP request and response
http:headers-ref* HTTP request and response
http:headers-set! HTTP request and response
http:headers? HTTP request and response
http:make-headers HTTP request and response
http:redirect HTTP client
http:request-builder HTTP request and response
http:request? HTTP request and response
http:response-body HTTP request and response
http:response-cookies HTTP request and response
http:response-headers HTTP request and response
http:response-status HTTP request and response
http:response? HTTP request and response
http:version HTTP client

i/o-decoding-error? Transcoders
i/o-encoding-error? Transcoders
i/o-error-filename I/O condition types
i/o-error-port I/O condition types
i/o-error-position I/O condition types
i/o-error? I/O condition types
i/o-file-already-exists-error? I/O condition types
i/o-file-does-not-exist-error? I/O condition types
i/o-file-is-read-only-error? I/O condition types
i/o-file-protection-error? I/O condition types
i/o-filename-error? I/O condition types
i/o-invalid-position-error? I/O condition types
i/o-port-error? I/O condition types
i/o-read-error? I/O condition types
i/o-write-error? I/O condition types
id Custom ports
identifier-syntax Macro transformers
identifier-syntax Macro transformers
identifier? Syntax-case
if Conditionals
if Conditionals
if-car-sxpath Wrappers
if-sxpath Wrappers
imag-part Arithmetic operations
implementation-restriction-violation? Standard condition types
include Inclusion
include-ci Inclusion
inexact Generic conversion
inexact->exect R5RS compatibility
inexact? Numerical type predicates
infinite? Arithmetic operations
inflate-bytevector (rfc zlib) - zlib compression library
info-log Loggers
input-port->chunked-binary-input-port Chunk buffered port
input-port-open? I/O
input-port? Input ports
input-receiver Actor
integer->bytevector Bytevector operations
integer->char Characters
integer->pointer Pointer operations
integer-valued? Numerical type predicates
integer? Numerical type predicates
integrity-error? Cryptographic conditions
interaction-environment Repl library
intersperse (util list) - Extra list utility library
invalid-pem-format? Conditions
ip-address Socket information
ip-address->bytevector IP address operations
ip-address->string IP address operations
irritants-condition? Standard condition types
is-a? (clos user) -CLOS user APIs
is-prime? Prime number operations
is_even Extra functions
is_odd Extra functions
istring? String operations

jiffies-per-second Time library
jmespath Scheme APIs
jmespath-compile-error? Conditions
jmespath-error-arguments Conditions
jmespath-error-expression Conditions
jmespath-error? Conditions
jmespath-parse-error? Conditions
jmespath-runtime-error? Conditions
json->jwe-header JWE Header
json->jwk JWK
json->jwk-set JWK Set
json->jws-header JWS Header
json->jwt-claims JWT Claims
json->mutable-json (text json mutable) - Mutable JSON
json->object JSON object builder
json-object-builder JSON object builder
json-object-serializer JSON object serializer
json-patch-compile-error? (text json patch) - JSON Patch
json-patch-error-patch (text json patch) - JSON Patch
json-patch-error-path (text json patch) - JSON Patch
json-patch-error? (text json patch) - JSON Patch
json-patch-error? (text json patch) - JSON Patch
json-patch-path-illegal-type-error? (text json patch) - JSON Patch
json-patch-path-not-found-error? (text json patch) - JSON Patch
json-patcher (text json patch) - JSON Patch
json-pointer (text json pointer) - JSON Pointer
json-read (json) -- JSON parser library
json-read (text json) -- JSON parser
json-request->json-string Converters
json-request-id Accessors
json-request-method Accessors
json-request-params Accessors
json-request? Predicates
json-response->json-string Converters
json-response-id Accessors
json-response-result Accessors
json-response? Predicates
json-schema->json-validator JSON Schema validator
json-string->json-request Constructors
json-string->json-response Constructors
json-string->jwe-header JWE Header
json-string->jwk JWK
json-string->jwk-set JWK Set
json-string->jws-header JWS Header
json-string->jwt-claims JWT Claims
json-string->object JSON object builder
json-validator-validator (text json validator) - JSON validator
json-validator? (text json validator) - JSON validator
json-write (json) -- JSON parser library
json-write (text json) -- JSON parser
json:builder? JSON object builder
json:serializer? JSON object serializer
jwe-header->json JWE Header
jwe-header->json-string JWE Header
jwe-header-builder JWE Header
jwe-header? JWE Header
jwe-object-authentication-tag JWE Object
jwe-object-cipher-text JWE Object
jwe-object-encrypted-key JWE Object
jwe-object-header JWE Object
jwe-object-iv JWE Object
jwe-object? JWE Object
jwe:encrypt JWE Operations
jwe:encrypt JWE Operations
jwe:encrypt JWE Operations
jwe:parse JWE Operations
jwe:serialize JWE Operations
jwk->json JWK
jwk->json-string JWK
jwk->jwk-config To JWK Conversion
jwk->octet-key From JWK Conversion
jwk->private-key From JWK Conversion
jwk->public-jwk From JWK Conversion
jwk->public-key From JWK Conversion
jwk-alg JWK
jwk-config-builder To JWK Conversion
jwk-key-ops JWK
jwk-kid JWK
jwk-kty JWK
jwk-matcher:alg JWK Matcher
jwk-matcher:crv JWK Matcher
jwk-matcher:ec JWK Matcher
jwk-matcher:key-ops JWK Matcher
jwk-matcher:kid JWK Matcher
jwk-matcher:kty JWK Matcher
jwk-matcher:oct JWK Matcher
jwk-matcher:okp JWK Matcher
jwk-matcher:rsa JWK Matcher
jwk-matcher:use JWK Matcher
jwk-matcher:x5t JWK Matcher
jwk-matcher:x5t-s256 JWK Matcher
jwk-set->json JWK Set
jwk-set->json-string JWK Set
jwk-set-keys JWK Set
jwk-set:find-key JWK Set
jwk-set? JWK Set
jwk-use JWK
jwk-x5c JWK
jwk-x5t JWK
jwk-x5t-s256 JWK
jwk-x5u JWK
jwk:config? To JWK Conversion
jwk? JWK
jws-header->json JWS Header
jws-header->json-string JWS Header
jws-header-builder JWS Header
jws-header? JWS Header
jws-object-header JWS Object
jws-object-payload JWS Object
jws-object? JWS Object
jws-signed-object-signature JWS Object
jws-signed-object? JWS Object
jws:parse JWS Operations
jws:serialize JWS Operations
jws:serialize JWS Operations
jws:sign JWS Operations
jws:verify JWS Operations
jws:verify JWS Operations
jwt-claims->json JWT Claims
jwt-claims->json-string JWT Claims
jwt-claims-aud JWT Claims
jwt-claims-builder JWT Claims
jwt-claims-custom-claims JWT Claims
jwt-claims-exp JWT Claims
jwt-claims-iat JWT Claims
jwt-claims-iss JWT Claims
jwt-claims-jti JWT Claims
jwt-claims-nbf JWT Claims
jwt-claims-sub JWT Claims
jwt-claims? JWT Claims
jwt-consumer-builder JWT Consumer
jwt-consumer? JWT Consumer
jwt:aud-required-validator JWT Consumer
jwt:aud-validator JWT Consumer
jwt:consume JWT
jwt:exp-required-validator JWT Consumer
jwt:exp-validator JWT Consumer
jwt:exp-validator JWT Consumer
jwt:exp-validator JWT Consumer
jwt:iat-required-validator JWT Consumer
jwt:iat-validator JWT Consumer
jwt:iat-validator JWT Consumer
jwt:iss-required-validator JWT Consumer
jwt:iss-validator JWT Consumer
jwt:jti-required-validator JWT Consumer
jwt:nbf-required-validator JWT Consumer
jwt:nbf-validator JWT Consumer
jwt:nbf-validator JWT Consumer
jwt:sub-required-validator JWT Consumer
jwt:sub-validator JWT Consumer

KASUMI Cipher operations
key->jwk To JWK Conversion
key->jwk To JWK Conversion
key-manager? Key Manager
key-provider-key-retrievers Key Provider
key-provider? Key Provider
key? Key operations
keypair-private Key operations
keypair-public Key operations
keypair? Key operations
keystore-contains-alias? Generic APIs
keystore-delete-entry! Generic APIs
keystore-get-certificate Generic APIs
keystore-get-certificate-chain Generic APIs
keystore-get-creation-date Generic APIs
keystore-get-key Generic APIs
keystore-key-provider-add-key-retriever! Key Provider
keystore-key-provider? Key Provider
keystore-set-certificate! Generic APIs
keystore-set-key! Generic APIs
keystore? Generic APIs
keyword->string Keywords
keyword->symbol Keywords
keyword? Keywords
Khazad Cipher operations

lambda Procedures
latin-1-codec Transcoders
lcm Arithmetic operations
least-fixnum Fixnums
length Pairs and lists
let Iteration
let Binding constructs
let* Binding constructs
let*-values Binding constructs
let-keywords (sagittarius control) - control library
let-keywords (sagittarius control) - control library
let-keywords* (sagittarius control) - control library
let-keywords* (sagittarius control) - control library
let-optionals* (sagittarius control) - control library
let-optionals* (sagittarius control) - control library
let-syntax Differ from R6RS
let-syntax Binding constructs for syntactic keywords
let-values Binding constructs
let1 (sagittarius control) - control library
letrec Binding constructs
letrec* Binding constructs
letrec-syntax Differ from R6RS
letrec-syntax Binding constructs for syntactic keywords
lexical-violation? Standard condition types
library Library form
list Pairs and lists
list->deque (util deque) - Deque
list->generator Generator constructors
list->queue (util queue) - Queue
list->string Strings
list->vector Vectors
list-copy Lists
list-ref Pairs and lists
list-set! Lists
list-sort Sorting
list-tail Pairs and lists
list? Pairs and lists
load Load library
load-keystore Generic APIs
load-keystore-file Generic APIs
load-path Load path
load-path Load path
load-pkcs12-keystore Keystore APIs
load-pkcs12-keystore-file Keystore APIs
log Arithmetic operations
log Arithmetic operations
log-arguments Creating appenders
log-level Creating appenders
log-message Creating appenders
log-when Creating appenders
log? Creating appenders
logger-debug? Loggers
logger-error? Loggers
logger-fatal? Loggers
logger-info? Loggers
logger-trace? Loggers
logger-warn? Loggers
logger? Loggers
lookahead-char Textual input
lookahead-u8 Binary input
looking-at User level APIs for regular expression

macroexpand (sagittarius debug) - Debugging support
macroexpand-1 (sagittarius debug) - Debugging support
macroexpand-n (sagittarius debug) - Debugging support
magnitude Arithmetic operations
make (clos user) -CLOS user APIs
make-access-token (net oauth) - OAuth library
make-addrinfo Addrinfo
make-aes-key-unwrap Key wrapping
make-aes-key-wrap Key wrapping
make-aeskw-jwe-decryptor JWE Decryptors
make-aeskw-jwe-encryptor JWE Encryptors
make-appender Appenders
make-archive-input Implementing archive implementation library
make-archive-output Implementing archive implementation library
make-assertion-violation Standard condition types
make-async-logger Loggers
make-authorization-uri (net oauth) - OAuth library
make-base64-decoder Low level APIs
make-base64-encoder Low level APIs
make-ber-application-specific Middle level user APIs
make-ber-constructed-octet-string Middle level user APIs
make-ber-constructed-octet-string Middle level user APIs
make-ber-null Middle level user APIs
make-ber-sequence Middle level user APIs
make-ber-set Middle level user APIs
make-ber-tagged-object Middle level user APIs
make-binary-pre-allocated-buffer Binary pre-allocated buffer
make-bytevector General operations
make-c-callback Creating C functions
make-c-function Creating C functions
make-cipher Cipher operations
make-client-sftp-connection Mid level APIs
make-client-socket (net socket) - Modern Socket library
make-client-socket (sagittarius socket) - socket library
make-client-tls-socket (rfc tls) - TLS protocol library
make-client-tls-socket (net socket) - Modern Socket library
make-codec I/O
make-composite-parameter Mode parameters
make-condition-variable Condition variable APIs
make-consumer-token (net oauth) - OAuth library
make-ctr-paramater Mode parameters
make-custom-binary-input-port Input ports
make-custom-binary-input/output-port Input/output ports
make-custom-binary-output-port Output ports
make-custom-string-output-port Output ports
make-custom-textual-input-port Input ports
make-custom-textual-input/output-port Input/output ports
make-daily-rolling-file-appender Appenders
make-dbi-error Conditions
make-dbi-sql-error Conditions
make-dbi-unsupported Conditions
make-deque (util deque) - Deque
make-der-application-specific Middle level user APIs
make-der-application-specific Middle level user APIs
make-der-application-specific Middle level user APIs
make-der-application-specific Middle level user APIs
make-der-bit-string Middle level user APIs
make-der-bit-string Middle level user APIs
make-der-bmp-string Middle level user APIs
make-der-bmp-string Middle level user APIs
make-der-boolean Middle level user APIs
make-der-boolean Middle level user APIs
make-der-enumerated Middle level user APIs
make-der-enumerated Middle level user APIs
make-der-external Middle level user APIs
make-der-external Middle level user APIs
make-der-general-string Middle level user APIs
make-der-general-string Middle level user APIs
make-der-generalized-time Middle level user APIs
make-der-generalized-time Middle level user APIs
make-der-generalized-time Middle level user APIs
make-der-ia5-string Middle level user APIs
make-der-ia5-string Middle level user APIs
make-der-ia5-string Middle level user APIs
make-der-integer Middle level user APIs
make-der-integer Middle level user APIs
make-der-null Middle level user APIs
make-der-numeric-string Middle level user APIs
make-der-numeric-string Middle level user APIs
make-der-numeric-string Middle level user APIs
make-der-object-identifier Middle level user APIs
make-der-object-identifier Middle level user APIs
make-der-octet-string Middle level user APIs
make-der-octet-string Middle level user APIs
make-der-printable-string Middle level user APIs
make-der-printable-string Middle level user APIs
make-der-printable-string Middle level user APIs
make-der-sequence Middle level user APIs
make-der-sequence Middle level user APIs
make-der-sequence Middle level user APIs
make-der-set Middle level user APIs
make-der-set Middle level user APIs
make-der-set Middle level user APIs
make-der-t61-string Middle level user APIs
make-der-t61-string Middle level user APIs
make-der-tagged-object Middle level user APIs
make-der-tagged-object Middle level user APIs
make-der-tagged-object Middle level user APIs
make-der-universal-string Middle level user APIs
make-der-utc-time Middle level user APIs
make-der-utc-time Middle level user APIs
make-der-utc-time Middle level user APIs
make-der-utf8-string Middle level user APIs
make-der-utf8-string Middle level user APIs
make-der-visible-string Middle level user APIs
make-der-visible-string Middle level user APIs
make-direct-jwe-decryptor JWE Decryptors
make-direct-jwe-encryptor JWE Encryptors
make-dispatch-macro-character (sagittarius reader) - reader macro library
make-ecdh-jwe-decryptor JWE Decryptors
make-ecdh-jwe-encryptor JWE Encryptors
make-ecdsa-jws-signer JWS Signers
make-ecdsa-jws-verifier JWS Verifiers
make-eddsa-jws-signer JWS Signers
make-eddsa-jws-verifier JWS Verifiers
make-empty-attlist Low-level parsing code
make-emv-tlv-parser High level APIs
make-enumeration Enumerations
make-eq-hashtable Constructors
make-equal-hashtable Hashtables
make-eqv-hashtable Constructors
make-error Standard condition types
make-error-expected parse-error
make-error-message parse-error
make-executor-future Executor future
make-expected-result parse-result
make-fdset FD sets
make-file-appender Appenders
make-filesystem-watcher (sagittarius filewatch) - Monitoring filesystem
make-fork-join-executor Fork join executor
make-gzip-receiver HTTP/2 receiver
make-hashtable Constructors
make-heap Constructors, predicates and accessors
make-hint-addrinfo Addrinfo
make-host-not-found-error Socket conditions
make-http-default-connection-manager Connection Manager
make-http-ephemeral-connection-manager Ephemeral Connection Manager
make-http-pooling-connection-manager Pooling Connection Manager
make-http1-connection (rfc http-connections) - HTTP client utilities
make-http2-client-connection (rfc http2) - HTTP/2 client
make-http2-connection (rfc http-connections) - HTTP client utilities
make-i/o-decoding-error Transcoders
make-i/o-encoding-error Transcoders
make-i/o-error I/O condition types
make-i/o-file-already-exists-error I/O condition types
make-i/o-file-does-not-exist-error I/O condition types
make-i/o-file-is-read-only-error I/O condition types
make-i/o-file-protection-error I/O condition types
make-i/o-filename-error I/O condition types
make-i/o-invalid-position-error I/O condition types
make-i/o-port-error I/O condition types
make-i/o-read-error I/O condition types
make-i/o-write-error I/O condition types
make-implementation-restriction-violation Standard condition types
make-input-archive Archive input
make-irritants-condition Standard condition types
make-iv-paramater Mode parameters
make-json-request Constructors
make-json-validator (text json validator) - JSON validator
make-jwk-set JWK Set
make-jws-object JWS Object
make-jws-object JWE Object
make-key-manager Key Manager
make-keystore Generic APIs
make-keystore-key-provider Key Provider
make-keyword Keywords
make-lexical-violation Standard condition types
make-list Lists
make-log Creating appenders
make-logger Loggers
make-mac-jws-signer JWS Signers
make-mac-jws-verifier JWS Verifiers
make-message-condition Standard condition types
make-message-result parse-result
make-mqtt-broker MQTT broker
make-mqtt-broker-config MQTT broker
make-mtdeque (util deque) - Deque
make-mtqueue (util queue) - Queue
make-mutex Mutex APIs
make-no-infinities-violation Flonums
make-no-nans-violation Flonums
make-non-continuable-violation Standard condition types
make-null-uuid Constructors
make-output-archive Archive output
make-padding-paramater Mode parameters
make-parameter Parameters
make-parse-position parse-position
make-pbe-parameter User level APIs
make-pbes2-jwe-decryptor JWE Decryptors
make-pbes2-jwe-encryptor JWE Encryptors
make-pkcs12-keystore Keystore APIs
make-polar Arithmetic operations
make-process Low level APIs
make-queue (util queue) - Queue
make-rb-treemap Predicate and constructurs
make-record-builder (record builder) - Record builder
make-record-constructor-descriptor Records procedural layer
make-record-type (sagittarius record) - Extra record inspection library
make-record-type-descriptor Records procedural layer
make-rectangular Arithmetic operations
make-result parse-result
make-rfc3686-paramater Mode parameters
make-rolling-file-appender Appenders
make-rsa-jwe-decryptor JWE Decryptors
make-rsa-jwe-encryptor JWE Encryptors
make-rsa-jws-signer JWS Signers
make-rsa-jws-verifier JWS Verifiers
make-semaphore Semaphore APIs
make-serious-condition Standard condition types
make-server-config Configuration
make-server-socket (net socket) - Modern Socket library
make-server-socket (sagittarius socket) - socket library
make-server-tls-socket (rfc tls) - TLS protocol library
make-server-tls-socket (net socket) - Modern Socket library
make-shared-priority-queue-channel-actor Actor
make-shared-queue Shared queues
make-shared-queue-channel-actor Actor
make-shtml-entity Low level APIs
make-simple-future Simple future
make-simple-server Server
make-smtp-alternative Middle level APIs
make-smtp-alternative-component Middle level APIs
make-smtp-attachment Middle level APIs
make-smtp-bcc Middle level APIs
make-smtp-bcc Middle level APIs
make-smtp-cc Middle level APIs
make-smtp-cc Middle level APIs
make-smtp-connection High level APIs
make-smtp-from Middle level APIs
make-smtp-from Middle level APIs
make-smtp-mail Middle level APIs
make-smtp-to Middle level APIs
make-smtp-to Middle level APIs
make-socket Socket
make-socket-closed-error Socket conditions
make-socket-closed-error Socket conditions
make-socket-connection-error Socket conditions
make-socket-error Socket conditions
make-socket-port-error Socket conditions
make-string Strings
make-string-hashtable Hashtables
make-syntax-violation Standard condition types
make-temporary-file Temporary directory operations
make-thread Thread APIs
make-thread-pool Thread pool
make-thread-pool-executor Thread pool executor
make-timer (util timer) - Timer
make-transcoder Transcoders
make-undefined-violation Standard condition types
make-v1-uuid Constructors
make-v3-uuid Constructors
make-v4-uuid Constructors
make-v5-uuid Constructors
make-vector Vectors
make-violation Standard condition types
make-warning Standard condition types
make-weak-box Weak box
make-weak-eq-hashtable Weak hashtable
make-weak-eqv-hashtable Weak hashtable
make-weak-vector Weak vector
make-websocket User level APIs
make-websocket-connection WebSocket Connection
make-who-condition Standard condition types
make-x509-certificate (rfc x.509) - X.509 certificate utility library
make-x509-certificate (rfc x.509) - X.509 certificate utility library
make-xml-object XML object
make-xml-token Data Types
map Pairs and lists
map-union Basic converters and applicators
map-with-index (util list) - Extra list utility library
markdown->html-converter Markdown converter APIs
markdown->sxml-converter Markdown converter APIs
markdown-conversion-options-builder Markdown converter APIs
markdown-conversion-options? Markdown converter APIs
markdown-converter:convert Markdown converter APIs
markdown-converter:convert Markdown converter APIs
markdown-converter:merge Markdown converter APIs
markdown-converter? Markdown converter APIs
markdown-node? Markdown parser APIs
markdown-parser Markdown parser APIs
markdown-parser-builder Markdown extensions
markdown-parser-builder:build Markdown extensions
markdown-parser-builder? Markdown extensions
markdown-parser-error? Deprecated APIs
markdown-parser-expected Deprecated APIs
markdown-parser-position Deprecated APIs
markdown-parser:parse Markdown parser APIs
markdown-parser:parse Markdown parser APIs
markdown-parser? Markdown parser APIs
markdown-read Deprecated APIs
markdown-sexp->string Deprecated APIs
markdown-sexp->sxml Deprecated APIs
match Syntax
match Syntax
match-lambda Syntax
match-lambda* Syntax
match-let Syntax
match-let Syntax
match-let* Syntax
match-letrec Syntax
max Arithmetic operations
MD2 Hash operations
MD4 Hash operations
MD5 Hash operations
member List utilities
memp List utilities
memq List utilities
memv List utilities
merge-heaps Heap operations
merge-heaps! Heap operations
merge-result-errors parse-error
merge-result-errors parse-result
message-condition? Standard condition types
mgf-1 PKCS operations
min Arithmetic operations
mod Arithmetic operations
mod-expt Misc arithmetic operations
mod-expt Arithmetic operations
mod-inverse Misc arithmetic operations
mod-inverse Arithmetic operations
mod0 Arithmetic operations
mode-parameter? Mode parameters
mode-pos Basic converters and applicators
MODE_CBC Cipher operations
MODE_CFB Cipher operations
MODE_CTR Cipher operations
MODE_ECB Cipher operations
MODE_GCM Cipher operations
MODE_OFB Cipher operations
modulo R5RS compatibility
mqtt-broker-start! MQTT broker
mqtt-broker-stop! MQTT broker
mqtt-connection? (net mq mqtt) - MQTT library
mqtt-ping (net mq mqtt) - MQTT library
mqtt-publish (net mq mqtt) - MQTT library
mqtt-receive-message (net mq mqtt) - MQTT library
mqtt-subscribe (net mq mqtt) - MQTT library
mqtt-unsubscribe (net mq mqtt) - MQTT library
mtdeque-max-length (util deque) - Deque
mtdeque-room (util deque) - Deque
mtqueue-max-length (util queue) - Queue
mtqueue-room (util queue) - Queue
mtqueue? (util queue) - Queue
mutable-json->json (text json mutable) - Mutable JSON
mutable-json-array-delete! Mutable JSON array
mutable-json-array-insert! Mutable JSON array
mutable-json-array-ref Mutable JSON array
mutable-json-array-set! Mutable JSON array
mutable-json-array-size Mutable JSON array
mutable-json-array? Mutable JSON array
mutable-json-not-found? Mutable JSON object
mutable-json-object-contains? Mutable JSON object
mutable-json-object-delete! Mutable JSON object
mutable-json-object-merge! Mutable JSON object
mutable-json-object-ref Mutable JSON object
mutable-json-object-set! Mutable JSON object
mutable-json-object? Mutable JSON object
mutable-json? (text json mutable) - Mutable JSON
mutex-lock! Mutex APIs
mutex-name Mutex APIs
mutex-specific Mutex APIs
mutex-specific-set! Mutex APIs
mutex-state Mutex APIs
mutex-unlock! Mutex APIs
mutex? Mutex APIs

name-compare Low-level parsing code
nan? Arithmetic operations
native-endianness General operations
native-eol-style Transcoders
native-transcoder Transcoders
negative? Arithmetic operations
newline Simple I/O
next-addrinfo Addrinfo
next-entry! Archive input
next-token (text parse) - Parsing input stream
next-token-of (text parse) - Parsing input stream
no-invinities-violation? Flonums
no-nans-violation? Flonums
node-closure Converter combinators
node-eq? Basic converters and applicators
node-equal? Basic converters and applicators
node-join Converter combinators
node-or Converter combinators
node-reduce Converter combinators
node-reverse Basic converters and applicators
node-self Converter combinators
node-trace Basic converters and applicators
nodeset? Basic converters and applicators
Noekeon Cipher operations
non-continuable-violation? Standard condition types
nongenerative Records syntactic layer
not Booleans
ntype-names?? Basic converters and applicators
ntype-names?? Basic converters and applicators
ntype-namespace-id?? Basic converters and applicators
null-environment R5RS compatibility
null-generator Generator constructors
null-pointer Pointer operations
null-pointer? Pointer operations
null? Pairs and lists
num-prams (odbc) - ODBC binding
number->string Numerical input and output
number->string Numerical input and output
number? Numerical type predicates
numerator Arithmetic operations

oauth-compose-query (net oauth) - OAuth library
oauth-uri-encode (net oauth) - OAuth library
object->json JSON object serializer
object->json-string JSON object serializer
object->pointer Pointer operations
object-equal? (clos user) -CLOS user APIs
obtain-access-token (net oauth) - OAuth library
obtain-request-token (net oauth) - OAuth library
odbc-connection? (odbc) - ODBC binding
odbc-env? (odbc) - ODBC binding
odbc-statement? (odbc) - ODBC binding
odd? Arithmetic operations
on-server-start! Server
on-server-stop! Server
opaque Records syntactic layer
open-amqp-connection High level APIs
open-base64-decode-input-port Decoding procedures
open-base64-decode-output-port Decoding procedures
open-base64-encode-input-port Encoding procedures
open-base64-encode-output-port Encoding procedures
open-base64url-decode-input-port Decoding procedures
open-base64url-decode-output-port Decoding procedures
open-base64url-encode-input-port Encoding procedures
open-base64url-encode-output-port Encoding procedures
open-binary-input-file File library
open-binary-output-file File library
open-bytevector-input-port Input ports
open-bytevector-output-port Output ports
open-client-sftp-connection! Mid level APIs
open-deflating-output-port (rfc zlib) - zlib compression library
open-file-input-port Input ports
open-file-input/output-port Input/output ports
open-file-output-port Output ports
open-http-connection! (rfc http-connections) - HTTP client utilities
open-inflating-input-port (rfc zlib) - zlib compression library
open-input-bytevector I/O
open-input-file Simple I/O
open-input-string I/O
open-mqtt-connection (net mq mqtt) - MQTT library
open-output-bytevector I/O
open-output-file Simple I/O
open-output-string I/O
open-semaphore Semaphore APIs
open-shared-library Shared library operations
open-shared-memory Inter-process communication (IPC)
open-string-input-port Input ports
open-string-output-port Output ports
or Derived conditionals
output-port-buffer-mode Output ports
output-port-open? I/O
output-port? Output ports
output-sender Actor

pack (binary pack) - Packing binary data
pack! (binary pack) - Packing binary data
packrat-check Parsing Combinators
packrat-check-base Parsing Combinators
packrat-or Parsing Combinators
packrat-parser The parckrat-parser macro
packrat-unless Parsing Combinators
pair? Pairs and lists
parameterize Parameters
parent Extra functions
parent Records syntactic layer
parent-rtd Records syntactic layer
parse-error-empty parse-error
parse-error-expected parse-error
parse-error-message parse-error
parse-error-position parse-error
parse-error? parse-error
parse-markdown Deprecated APIs
parse-markdown Markdown parser APIs
parse-markdown Markdown parser APIs
parse-pem Operations
parse-pem-file Operations
parse-pem-string Operations
parse-position->string parse-position
parse-position-column parse-position
parse-position-file parse-position
parse-position-line parse-position
parse-position>? parse-position
parse-position? parse-position
parse-result-error parse-result
parse-result-next parse-result
parse-result-semantic-value parse-result
parse-result-successful? parse-result
parse-result? parse-result
parse-results-base parse-results
parse-results-next parse-results
parse-results-position parse-results
parse-results-token-kind parse-results
parse-results-token-kind parse-results
parse-results-token-value parse-results
parse-results? parse-results
parse-uri-template (rfc uri-template) - URI template
partition List utilities
path-basename Path operations
path-extension Path operations
path-for-each Path operations
path-map Path operations
path-sans-extension Path operations
pbe-with-md5-and-des User level APIs
pbe-with-md5-and-rc2 User level APIs
pbe-with-sha1-and-des User level APIs
pbe-with-sha1-and-rc2 User level APIs
pbkdf-1 Low level APIs
pbkdf-2 Low level APIs
peak-char Simple I/O
peek-next-char (text parse) - Parsing input stream
peek-u8 I/O
pid->process Low level APIs
PKCS-1-EME PKCS operations
PKCS-1-EMSA PKCS operations
pkcs-v1.5-padding PKCS operations
pkcs1-emsa-pss-encode PKCS operations
pkcs1-emsa-pss-verify PKCS operations
pkcs1-emsa-v1.5-encode PKCS operations
pkcs1-emsa-v1.5-verify PKCS operations
pkcs12-keystore-aliases Keystore APIs
pkcs12-keystore-contains-alias? Keystore APIs
pkcs12-keystore-delete-entry! Keystore APIs
pkcs12-keystore-get-certificate Keystore APIs
pkcs12-keystore-get-certificate-chain Keystore APIs
pkcs12-keystore-get-key Keystore APIs
pkcs12-keystore-set-certificate! Keystore APIs
pkcs12-keystore-set-key! Keystore APIs
pkcs12-keystore? Keystore APIs
pkcs5-padder PKCS operations
pointer->bytevector Pointer operations
pointer->integer Pointer operations
pointer->object Pointer operations
pointer->string Pointer operations
pointer->uinteger Pointer operations
pointer-address Pointer operations
pointer-ref-c- Pointer operations
pointer-set-c- Pointer operations
pointer? Pointer operations
pop! (sagittarius control) - control library
port Socket information
port->byte-generator Generator constructors
port->char-generator Generator constructors
port->mqtt-connection (net mq mqtt) - MQTT library
port-closed? I/O
port-eof? Input ports
port-has-port-position? Input and output ports
port-has-set-port-position!? Input and output ports
port-position Input and output ports
port-ready? I/O
port-transcoder Input and output ports
port? Input and output ports
position Custom ports
positive? Arithmetic operations
pre-allocated-buffer-buffer Pre-allocated buffer
pre-allocated-buffer-overflow-data Conditions
pre-allocated-buffer-overflow? Conditions
pre-allocated-buffer-reset! Pre-allocated buffer
pre-allocated-buffer-size Pre-allocated buffer
pre-allocated-buffer? Pre-allocated buffer
pre-eb-as-boundary? Conditions
prepare (odbc) - ODBC binding
prepend-base parse-results
prepend-semantic-value parse-results
prime? Prime number operations
private-key? Key operations
prng-state Random number operations
prng? Random number operations
procedure? Procedure predicate
process-active? Low level APIs
process-call Low level APIs
process-error-port Low level APIs
process-input-port Low level APIs
process-kill Low level APIs
process-output-port Low level APIs
process-run Low level APIs
process-wait Low level APIs
process? Low level APIs
protocol Records syntactic layer
pseudo-random Random number operations
pseudo-random? Random number operations
public-key? Key operations
push! (sagittarius control) - control library
push-future-handler Thread pool executor
push-log Creating appenders
put-bytevector Binary output
put-char Textual output
put-datum Textual output
put-f32 Binary I/O
put-f64 Binary I/O
put-s16 Binary I/O
put-s16 I/O
put-s32 Binary I/O
put-s32 I/O
put-s64 Binary I/O
put-string Textual output
put-u16 Binary I/O
put-u16 I/O
put-u32 Binary I/O
put-u32 I/O
put-u64 Binary I/O
put-u8 Binary output

quasiquote Quasiquote
quasisyntax Syntax-case
queue->list (util queue) - Queue
queue-empty? (util queue) - Queue
queue-front (util queue) - Queue
queue-length (util queue) - Queue
queue-pop! (util queue) - Queue
queue-pop/wait! (util queue) - Queue
queue-push! (util queue) - Queue
queue-push-unique! (util queue) - Queue
queue-push/wait! (util queue) - Queue
queue-rear (util queue) - Queue
queue? (util queue) - Queue
quote Quotation
quoted-printable-decode Decoding procedures
quoted-printable-decode-string Decoding procedures
quoted-printable-encode Encoding procedures
quoted-printable-encode-string string Encoding procedures
quotient R5RS compatibility

raise Exceptions
raise-continuable Exceptions
raise-decode-error Cryptographic conditions
raise-decrypt-error Cryptographic conditions
raise-encode-error Cryptographic conditions
raise-encrypt-error Cryptographic conditions
random Random number operations
random Random number operations
random-prime Prime number operations
random-seed-set! Random number operations
rational-valued? Numerical type predicates
rational? Numerical type predicates
rationalize Arithmetic operations
RC2 Cipher operations
RC4 Random number operations
RC5-32/12/b Cipher operations
RC6-32/20/b Cipher operations
read Custom ports
read Read library
read Simple I/O
read-asn.1-object High level user APIs
read-bytevector I/O
read-bytevector! I/O
read-char Simple I/O
read-delimited-list (sagittarius reader) - reader macro library
read-directory File system operations
read-error? I/O
read-jwe-header JWE Header
read-jwe-header JWE Header
read-jwk JWK
read-jwk JWK
read-jwk-set JWK Set
read-jwk-set JWK Set
read-jws-header JWS Header
read-jws-header JWS Header
read-jwt-claims JWT Claims
read-jwt-claims JWT Claims
read-line I/O
read-object-from-json JSON object builder
read-random-bytes Random number operations
read-random-bytes! Random number operations
read-string (text parse) - Parsing input stream
read-string I/O
read-sys-random Random number operations
read-sys-random! Random number operations
read-sys-random! Random number operations
read-sys-random! Random number operations
read-u8 I/O
read/ss I/O
real-part Arithmetic operations
real-valued? Numerical type predicates
real? Numerical type predicates
receive Builtin Syntax
receive-amqp-message High level APIs
record-accessor Records procedural layer
record-constructor Records procedural layer
record-constructor-descriptor Records syntactic layer
record-mutator Records procedural layer
record-predicate Records procedural layer
record-rtd Records inspection
record-type-descriptor Records syntactic layer
record-type-descriptor? Records procedural layer
record-type-field-names Records inspection
record-type-generative? Records inspection
record-type-mutable? Records inspection
record-type-name Records inspection
record-type-opaque? Records inspection
record-type-parent Records inspection
record-type-rtd (sagittarius record) - Extra record inspection library
record-type-rtd (sagittarius record) - Extra record inspection library
record-type-sealed? Records inspection
record-type-uid Records inspection
record-type? (sagittarius record) - Extra record inspection library
record? Records inspection
ref (sagittarius object) - Convenient refs and coercion procedures
regex User level APIs for regular expression
regex-capture-count Low level APIs for regular expression
regex-find Low level APIs for regular expression
regex-group Low level APIs for regular expression
regex-looking-at Low level APIs for regular expression
regex-matcher Low level APIs for regular expression
regex-matcher? Low level APIs for regular expression
regex-matches Low level APIs for regular expression
regex-pattern? Low level APIs for regular expression
regex-replace-all User level APIs for regular expression
regex-replace-all User level APIs for regular expression
regex-replace-first User level APIs for regular expression
regex-replace-first User level APIs for regular expression
register-cipher-spi Creating own cipher
register-ffi-finalizer Finalizer operations
rejected-execution-error? Thread pool executor
rejected-executor Thread pool executor
rejected-future Thread pool executor
release-filesystem-watcher! (sagittarius filewatch) - Monitoring filesystem
remainder R5RS compatibility
remove Extra functions
remove List utilities
remove-from-deque! (util deque) - Deque
remove-from-queue! (util queue) - Queue
remove_entry Extra functions
remp List utilities
remq List utilities
remv List utilities
rename-file File system operations
result-columns (odbc) - ODBC binding
results->result parse-results
reverse Pairs and lists
reverse! List operations
reverse-vector->generator Generator constructors
rfc sftp (rfc sftp) - SFTP library
rfc5322-dot-atom Basic field parsers
rfc5322-field->tokens Basic field parsers
rfc5322-header-ref Parsing message headers
rfc5322-header-ref* Parsing message headers
rfc5322-line-reader Parsing message headers
rfc5322-next-token Basic field parsers
rfc5322-parse-date Specific field parsers
rfc5322-quoted-string Basic field parsers
rfc5322-read-headers Parsing message headers
rfc5322-skip-cfws Basic field parsers
rfc5322-write-headers Message constructors
RIPEMD-128 Hash operations
RIPEMD-160 Hash operations
RIPEMD-256 Hash operations
RIPEMD-320 Hash operations
rlet1 (sagittarius control) - control library
rollback! (odbc) - ODBC binding
rolling-file-appender? Appenders
round Arithmetic operations
row-count (odbc) - ODBC binding
rpc-http-content-type Transport methods
rpc-http-content-type Http transport hook
rpc-http-method Http transport hook
rpc-http-receiver Http transport hook
rpc-http-request Http transport
rpc-http-response-type Transport methods
rpc-http-response-type Http transport hook
rpc-http-sender Http transport hook
rpc-http-unmarshall-message Http transport hook
rpc-marshall-message Message methods
rpc-marshall-message Message framework
rpc-unmarshall-message Message methods
rpc-unmarshall-message Message framework
RSA Cipher operations
rsa pkcs :12 (rsa pkcs :12) - PKCS#12
run High level APIs

SAFER+ Cipher operations
SAFER-K128 Cipher operations
SAFER-K64 Cipher operations
SAFER-SK128 Cipher operations
SAFER-SK64 Cipher operations
sagittarius Invoking Sagittarius
scheme-report-environment R5RS compatibility
sealed Records syntactic layer
secure-random Random number operations
secure-random? Random number operations
SEED Cipher operations
select-kids Converter combinators
semaphore-close! Semaphore APIs
semaphore-destroy! Semaphore APIs
semaphore-name Semaphore APIs
semaphore-post! Semaphore APIs
semaphore-wait! Semaphore APIs
semaphore? Semaphore APIs
send-amqp-message High level APIs
serious-condition? Standard condition types
server-config Server
server-config? Configuration
server-detach-socket! Socket detaching
server-start! Server
server-stop! Server
server-stopped? Server
server-tls-socket-options-builder (net socket) - Modern Socket library
server-tls-socket-options? (net socket) - Modern Socket library
server? Server
set! Assignment
set-car! Mutable pairs
set-cdr! Mutable pairs
set-current-directory File system operations
set-dispatch-macro-character (sagittarius reader) - reader macro library
set-header! Low level APIs
set-header! Low level APIs
set-macro-character (sagittarius reader) - reader macro library
set-pointer-value! Pointer operations
set-port-position! Input and output ports
set-position Custom ports
sftp-binary-receiver High level APIs
sftp-close High level APIs
sftp-exists? High level APIs
sftp-file-receiver High level APIs
sftp-mkdir! High level APIs
sftp-open High level APIs
sftp-opendir High level APIs
sftp-oport-receiver High level APIs
sftp-read High level APIs
sftp-readdir High level APIs
sftp-readdir-as-filenames High level APIs
sftp-readdir-as-longnames High level APIs
sftp-remove! High level APIs
sftp-rename! High level APIs
sftp-rmdir! High level APIs
sftp-write! High level APIs
SHA-1 Hash operations
SHA-224 Hash operations
SHA-256 Hash operations
SHA-3-224 Hash operations
SHA-3-256 Hash operations
SHA-3-384 Hash operations
SHA-3-512 Hash operations
SHA-384 Hash operations
SHA-512 Hash operations
SHA-512/224 Hash operations
SHA-512/256 Hash operations
shared-memory->bytevector Inter-process communication (IPC)
shared-memory? Inter-process communication (IPC)
shared-object-suffix Shared library operations
shared-queue-clear! Shared queues
shared-queue-empty? Shared queues
shared-queue-find Shared queues
shared-queue-get! Shared queues
shared-queue-locked? Shared queues
shared-queue-max-length Shared queues
shared-queue-overflows? Shared queues
shared-queue-put! Shared queues
shared-queue-remove! Shared queues
shared-queue-size Shared queues
shared-queue? Shared queues
shtml->html High level APIs
shtml-comment-symbol Low level APIs
shtml-decl-symbol Low level APIs
shtml-empty-symbol Low level APIs
shtml-end-symbol Low level APIs
shtml-entity-symbol Low level APIs
shtml-entity-value Low level APIs
shtml-named-char-id Low level APIs
shtml-numeric-char-id Low level APIs
shtml-pi-symbol Low level APIs
shtml-start-symbol Low level APIs
shtml-text-symbol Low level APIs
shtml-top-symbol Low level APIs
shutdown-executor! Generic Executor APIs
shutdown-input-port (sagittarius socket) - socket library
shutdown-output-port (sagittarius socket) - socket library
shutdown-port (sagittarius socket) - socket library
simple-condition Conditions
simple-future? Simple future
simple-json-schema-error-reporter JSON Schema validator
sin Arithmetic operations
sint-list->bytevector Operations on integers of arbitary size
sinteger->bytevector Bytevector operations
size-of- Sizes and aligns
size-of-c-struct C struct operations
skip-until (text parse) - Parsing input stream
skip-while (text parse) - Parsing input stream
Skipjack Cipher operations
slices (util list) - Extra list utility library
slot-bound-using-class? (clos user) -CLOS user APIs
slot-bound? (clos user) -CLOS user APIs
slot-definition-name (clos core) - CLOS core library
slot-definition-option (clos core) - CLOS core library
slot-definition-options (clos core) - CLOS core library
slot-ref (clos user) -CLOS user APIs
slot-ref-using-accessor (clos user) -CLOS user APIs
slot-ref-using-class (clos user) -CLOS user APIs
slot-set! (clos user) -CLOS user APIs
slot-set-using-accessor! (clos user) -CLOS user APIs
slot-set-using-accessor! (clos user) -CLOS user APIs
smtp-authenticate! High level APIs
smtp-authentication-required? High level APIs
smtp-bcc? Middle level APIs
smtp-cc? Middle level APIs
smtp-connect! High level APIs
smtp-connect! High level APIs
smtp-connection-authentication-methods High level APIs
smtp-connection? High level APIs
smtp-from? Middle level APIs
smtp-login-authentication High level APIs
smtp-mail->string High level APIs
smtp-mail-add-attachment! Middle level APIs
smtp-mail-add-header! Middle level APIs
smtp-mail-add-recipent! Middle level APIs
smtp-mail? Middle level APIs
smtp-plain-authentication High level APIs
smtp-recipient? Middle level APIs
smtp-send! High level APIs
smtp-to? Middle level APIs
smtp:attachment High level APIs
smtp:bcc High level APIs
smtp:cc High level APIs
smtp:from High level APIs
smtp:header High level APIs
smtp:mail High level APIs
smtp:subject High level APIs
smtp:to High level APIs
SOBER-128 Random number operations
sockaddr? Addrinfo
socket-accept Integration methods
socket-accept Integration methods
socket-accept (sagittarius socket) - socket library
socket-bind! Socket
socket-blocking! Socket
socket-close Integration methods
socket-close (sagittarius socket) - socket library
socket-closed-error? Socket conditions
socket-closed-error? Socket conditions
socket-connect! Socket
socket-connect! Socket
socket-connection-error? Socket conditions
socket-error-port Socket conditions
socket-error-select Socket
socket-error-socket Socket conditions
socket-error? Socket conditions
socket-getsockopt Socket
socket-info Socket information
socket-info-values Integration methods
socket-info-values Socket information
socket-input-port Integration methods
socket-input-port (sagittarius socket) - socket library
socket-listen! Socket
socket-name Integration methods
socket-name Socket information
socket-node Socket information
socket-nonblocking! Socket
socket-options->client-socket (net socket) - Modern Socket library
socket-options-builder (net socket) - Modern Socket library
socket-options? (net socket) - Modern Socket library
socket-output-port Integration methods
socket-output-port (sagittarius socket) - socket library
socket-peer Integration methods
socket-peer Socket information
socket-port Integration methods
socket-port (sagittarius socket) - socket library
socket-port-error? Socket conditions
socket-read-select Socket
socket-recv Integration methods
socket-recv (sagittarius socket) - socket library
socket-recvfrom Socket
socket-select Socket
socket-select! Socket
socket-send Integration methods
socket-send (sagittarius socket) - socket library
socket-sendto Socket
socket-service Socket information
socket-set-read-timeout! Socket
socket-setsockopt! Socket
socket-shutdown (sagittarius socket) - socket library
socket-write-select Socket
socket? (sagittarius socket) - socket library
sockets->fdset FD sets
split-at* (util list) - Extra list utility library
split-key Key operations
sqrt Arithmetic operations
square Numerical operations
ssax:assert-token Higher-level parsers and scanners
ssax:complete-start-tag Low-level parsing code
ssax:handle-parsed-entity Low-level parsing code
ssax:largest-unres-name Low-level parsing code
ssax:make-elem-parser Highest-level parsers: XML to SXML
ssax:make-parser Highest-level parsers: XML to SXML
ssax:make-pi-parser Highest-level parsers: XML to SXML
ssax:ncname-starting-char? Low-level parsing code
ssax:Prefix-XML Low-level parsing code
ssax:read-attributes Low-level parsing code
ssax:read-cdata-body Low-level parsing code
ssax:read-char-data Higher-level parsers and scanners
ssax:read-char-ref Low-level parsing code
ssax:read-external-id Low-level parsing code
ssax:read-markup-token Low-level parsing code
ssax:read-NCName Low-level parsing code
ssax:read-pi-body-as-string Low-level parsing code
ssax:read-QName Low-level parsing code
ssax:resolve-name Low-level parsing code
ssax:reverse-collect-str Highest-level parsers: XML to SXML
ssax:reverse-collect-str-drop-ws Highest-level parsers: XML to SXML
ssax:scan-Misc Higher-level parsers and scanners
ssax:skip-internal-dtd Low-level parsing code
ssax:skip-pi Low-level parsing code
ssax:skip-S Low-level parsing code
ssax:uri-string->symbol Low-level parsing code
ssax:xml->sxml Highest-level parsers: XML to SXML
standard-error-port Output ports
standard-input-port Input ports
standard-output-port Output ports
statement-open? (odbc) - ODBC binding
store-keystore Generic APIs
store-keystore-to-file Generic APIs
store-pkcs12-keystore Keystore APIs
store-pkcs12-keystore-to-file Keystore APIs
string Strings
string->bytevector Transcoders
string->generator Generator constructors
string->istring String operations
string->keyword Keywords
string->list Strings
string->markdown Deprecated APIs
string->symbol Symbols
string->u8-set U8 sets
string->utf16 Operation on strings
string->utf32 Operation on strings
string->utf8 Operation on strings
string->uuid Converters
string->vector Vectors
string-append Strings
string-ci-hash Hash functions
string-ci<=? Strings
string-ci<? Strings
string-ci=? Strings
string-ci>=? Strings
string-ci>? Strings
string-concatenate String operations
string-copy Strings
string-copy! Strings
string-downcase Strings
string-fill! Mutable strings
string-foldcase Strings
string-for-each Strings
string-hash Hash functions
string-length Strings
string-map Strings
string-nfc Strings
string-nfd Strings
string-nfkc Strings
string-nfkd Strings
string-ref Strings
string-scan String operations
string-set! Mutable strings
string-split User level APIs for regular expression
string-titlecase Strings
string-upcase Strings
string<=? Strings
string<? Strings
string=? Strings
string>=? Strings
string>? Strings
string? Strings
substring Strings
subtype? (clos user) -CLOS user APIs
sxml->object High level APIs
sxml->xml-object XML object
sxml-object-builder High level APIs
sxml:ancestor XPath axes. An order in resulting nodeset is preserved
sxml:ancestor-or-self XPath axes. An order in resulting nodeset is preserved
sxml:attr-list Extensions
sxml:attribute Extensions
sxml:boolean SXML counterparts to W3C XPath Core Functions
sxml:child Extensions
sxml:child-elements Popular short cuts
sxml:child-nodes Popular short cuts
sxml:complement Basic converters and applicators
sxml:descendant XPath axes. An order in resulting nodeset is preserved
sxml:descendant-or-self XPath axes. An order in resulting nodeset is preserved
sxml:element? Basic converters and applicators
sxml:equal? Equality comparison
sxml:equality-cmp Equality comparison
sxml:filter Basic converters and applicators
sxml:following XPath axes. An order in resulting nodeset is preserved
sxml:following-sibling XPath axes. An order in resulting nodeset is preserved
sxml:id SXML counterparts to W3C XPath Core Functions
sxml:id-alist lookup by a value of ID type attribute
sxml:namespace XPath axes. An order in resulting nodeset is preserved
sxml:node? node Extensions
sxml:not-equal? Equality comparison
sxml:number SXML counterparts to W3C XPath Core Functions
sxml:parent Extensions
sxml:preceding XPath axes. An order in resulting nodeset is preserved
sxml:preceding-sibling XPath axes. An order in resulting nodeset is preserved
sxml:relational-cmp Relational comparison
sxml:string SXML counterparts to W3C XPath Core Functions
sxml:string-value SXML counterparts to W3C XPath Core Functions
sxpath Abbreviated SXPath
symbol->keyword Keywords
symbol->string Symbols
symbol-hash Hash functions
symbol<=? Symbols
symbol<? Symbols
symbol=? Symbols
symbol>=? Symbols
symbol>? Symbols
symbol? Symbols
sync-process-read Middle level APIs
syntax Syntax-case
syntax->datum Syntax-case
syntax-case Syntax-case
syntax-error Error objects
syntax-rules Macro transformers
syntax-violation Syntax-case
syntax-violation-form Standard condition types
syntax-violation-subform Standard condition types
syntax-violation? Standard condition types
System Random number operations

take* (util list) - Extra list utility library
take-after Basic converters and applicators
take-until Basic converters and applicators
tan Arithmetic operations
temporary-directory Temporary directory operations
terminate-logger Loggers
terminate-logger Loggers
terminate-logger! Loggers
terminate-oldest-handler Thread pool executor
terminated-future Future
textual-port? Input and output ports
thread-interrupt! Thread APIs
thread-join! Thread APIs
thread-name Thread APIs
thread-pool-executor-available? Thread pool executor
thread-pool-executor-execute-future! Thread pool executor
thread-pool-executor-max-pool-size Thread pool executor
thread-pool-executor-pool-size Thread pool executor
thread-pool-executor-shutdown! Thread pool executor
thread-pool-executor? Thread pool executor
thread-pool-push-task! Thread pool
thread-pool-release! Thread pool
thread-pool-size Thread pool
thread-pool-thread Thread pool
thread-pool-thread-id Thread pool
thread-pool-thread-task-running? Thread pool
thread-pool-thread-terminate! Thread pool
thread-pool-wait-all! Thread pool
thread-pool? Thread pool
thread-resume! Thread APIs
thread-sleep! Thread APIs
thread-specific Thread APIs
thread-specific-set! Thread APIs
thread-start! Thread APIs
thread-state Thread APIs
thread-suspend! Thread APIs
thread-terminate! Thread APIs
thread-yield! Thread APIs
thread? Thread APIs
thunk->future Actor
thunk->future Actor
Tiger-192 Hash operations
time Debugging aid
timer-cancel! (util timer) - Timer
timer-exists? (util timer) - Timer
timer-remove! (util timer) - Timer
timer-reschedule! (util timer) - Timer
timer-schedule! (util timer) - Timer
timer-start! (util timer) - Timer
timer-state (util timer) - Timer
timer-stop! (util timer) - Timer
timer? (util timer) - Timer
timezone (sagittarius timezone) - Timezone
timezone-dst? (sagittarius timezone) - Timezone
timezone-name (sagittarius timezone) - Timezone
timezone-name-list (sagittarius timezone) - Timezone
timezone-offset (sagittarius timezone) - Timezone
timezone-raw-offset (sagittarius timezone) - Timezone
timezone-short-name (sagittarius timezone) - Timezone
timezone? (sagittarius timezone) - Timezone
tls-client-handshake (rfc tls) - TLS protocol library
tls-server-handshake (rfc tls) - TLS protocol library
tls-socket-accept (rfc tls) - TLS protocol library
tls-socket-close (rfc tls) - TLS protocol library
tls-socket-closed? (rfc tls) - TLS protocol library
tls-socket-info-values (rfc tls) - TLS protocol library
tls-socket-input-port (rfc tls) - TLS protocol library
tls-socket-name (rfc tls) - TLS protocol library
tls-socket-options-builder (net socket) - Modern Socket library
tls-socket-options? (net socket) - Modern Socket library
tls-socket-output-port (rfc tls) - TLS protocol library
tls-socket-peer (rfc tls) - TLS protocol library
tls-socket-peer (rfc tls) - TLS protocol library
tls-socket-port (rfc tls) - TLS protocol library
tls-socket-recv (rfc tls) - TLS protocol library
tls-socket-send (rfc tls) - TLS protocol library
tlv->bytevector High level APIs
tlv-builder Custom object builder
tlv-components High level APIs
tlv-data High level APIs
tlv-object? High level APIs
tlv-tag High level APIs
token-consumer (net oauth) - OAuth library
top-parse-position parse-position
totp (rfc totp) - Time-based One-Time Password library
trace-log Loggers
transcoded-port (sagittarius io) - Extra IO library
transcoded-port Input and output ports
transcoder-codec Transcoders
transcoder-eol-style Transcoders
transcoder-error-handlingmode Transcoders
tree->string (text tree) - Lightweight text generation
treemap->alist Conversions
treemap-clear! Basic operations
treemap-contains? Basic operations
treemap-copy Basic operations
treemap-delete! Basic operations
treemap-entries Keys and values
treemap-entries-list Keys and values
treemap-fold Iterations
treemap-for-each Iterations
treemap-keys Keys and values
treemap-keys-list Keys and values
treemap-map Iterations
treemap-ref Basic operations
treemap-set! Basic operations
treemap-size Basic operations
treemap-update! Basic operations
treemap-values Keys and values
treemap-values-list Keys and values
treemap? Predicate and constructurs
truncate Arithmetic operations
truncate-quotient Numerical operations
truncate-remainder Numerical operations
truncate/ Numerical operations
Twofish Cipher operations

u8-list->bytevector Operation on bytes and octets
u8-ready? I/O
u8-set-contains? U8 sets
u8-set? U8 sets
u8? U8 sets
uint-list->bytevector Operations on integers of arbitary size
uinteger->bytevector Bytevector operations
uname System and platform
undefined-violation? Standard condition types
unique Extra functions
unless Control structures
unpack (binary pack) - Packing binary data
unpack (binary pack) - Packing binary data
unquote Quasiquote
unquote-splicing Quasiquote
unregister-ffi-finalizer Finalizer operations
unsyntax Syntax-case
unsyntax-splicing Syntax-case
unwind-protect (sagittarius control) - control library
update-parse-position parse-position
uri-compose (rfc uri) - Parse and construct URIs
uri-decode (rfc uri) - Parse and construct URIs
uri-decode-string (rfc uri) - Parse and construct URIs
uri-decompose-authority (rfc uri) - Parse and construct URIs
uri-decompose-hierarchical (rfc uri) - Parse and construct URIs
uri-encode (rfc uri) - Parse and construct URIs
uri-encode-string (rfc uri) - Parse and construct URIs
uri-merge (rfc uri) - Parse and construct URIs
uri-parse (rfc uri) - Parse and construct URIs
uri-scheme&specific (rfc uri) - Parse and construct URIs
url-server&path Utilities
utf-16-codec Transcoders
utf-8-codec Transcoders
utf16->string Operation on strings
utf32->string Operation on strings
utf8->string Operation on strings
uuid->bytevector Converters
uuid->string Converters
uuid->urn-format Converters
uuid=? Predicates
uuid? Predicates

validate-json (text json validator) - JSON validator
values Control features
vector Vectors
vector->generator Generator constructors
vector->list Vectors
vector->string Vectors
vector-append Vector operations
vector-append Vectors
vector-concatenate Vector operations
vector-copy Vector operations
vector-copy Vectors
vector-copy! Vectors
vector-fill! Vectors
vector-filter (util vector) - Extra vector utility library
vector-find (util vector) - Extra vector utility library
vector-for-each Vectors
vector-length Vectors
vector-map Vectors
vector-ref Vectors
vector-ref Vectors
vector-remove (util vector) - Extra vector utility library
vector-reverse Vector operations
vector-reverse! Vector operations
vector-sort Sorting
vector-sort! Sorting
vector? Vectors
verify (rfc x.509) - X.509 certificate utility library
violation? Standard condition types

wait-finishing-handler Thread pool executor
wait-server-stop! Server
warn-log Loggers
warning? Standard condition types
weak-box-empty? Weak box
weak-box-ref Weak box
weak-box-set! Weak box
weak-box? Weak box
weak-hashtable-copy Weak hashtable
weak-hashtable-delete! Weak hashtable
weak-hashtable-keys-list Weak hashtable
weak-hashtable-ref Weak hashtable
weak-hashtable-set! Weak hashtable
weak-hashtable-shrink Weak hashtable
weak-hashtable-values-list Weak hashtable
weak-hashtable? Weak hashtable
weak-vector-length Weak vector
weak-vector-ref Weak vector
weak-vector-set! Weak vector
weak-vector? Weak vector
websocket-close User level APIs
websocket-compose-close-status WebSocket Messages
websocket-connection-close! WebSocket Connection
websocket-connection-closed? WebSocket Connection
websocket-connection-handshake! WebSocket Connection
websocket-connection-pong-queue WebSocket Connection
websocket-connection? WebSocket Connection
websocket-error? Conditions
websocket-on-binary-message Event handling
websocket-on-close Event handling
websocket-on-error Event handling
websocket-on-open Event handling
websocket-on-text-message Event handling
websocket-open User level APIs
websocket-parse-close-status WebSocket Messages
websocket-ping User level APIs
websocket-receive WebSocket Messages
websocket-receive-fragments WebSocket Messages
websocket-send User level APIs
websocket-send-binary WebSocket Messages
websocket-send-close WebSocket Messages
websocket-send-ping WebSocket Messages
websocket-send-pong WebSocket Messages
websocket-send-text WebSocket Messages
websocket? User level APIs
when Control structures
WHIRLPOOL Hash operations
who-condition? Standard condition types
with-args (getopt) - Parsing command-line options
with-error-to-port (sagittarius io) - Extra IO library
with-exception-handler Exceptions
with-input-from-file Simple I/O
with-input-from-port (sagittarius io) - Extra IO library
with-input-from-string (sagittarius io) - Extra IO library
with-library (sagittarius control) - control library
with-output-to-file Simple I/O
with-output-to-port (sagittarius io) - Extra IO library
with-output-to-string (sagittarius io) - Extra IO library
with-syntax Syntax-case
with-syntax* (sagittarius control) - control library
write Custom ports
write Write library
write Simple I/O
write-bytevector I/O
write-char Simple I/O
write-jwe-header JWE Header
write-jwe-header JWE Header
write-jwk JWK
write-jwk JWK
write-jwk-set JWK Set
write-jwk-set JWK Set
write-jws-header JWS Header
write-jws-header JWS Header
write-jwt-claims JWT Claims
write-jwt-claims JWT Claims
write-object (clos user) -CLOS user APIs
write-object-as-json JSON object serializer
write-shared Write library
write-shtml-as-html High level APIs
write-simple Write library
write-string I/O
write-tlv High level APIs
write-tree (text tree) - Lightweight text generation
write-u8 I/O
write/ss I/O

X-Tea Cipher operations
x509-certificate-get-issuer-dn (rfc x.509) - X.509 certificate utility library
x509-certificate-get-not-after (rfc x.509) - X.509 certificate utility library
x509-certificate-get-not-before (rfc x.509) - X.509 certificate utility library
x509-certificate-get-public-key (rfc x.509) - X.509 certificate utility library
x509-certificate-get-serial-number (rfc x.509) - X.509 certificate utility library
x509-certificate-get-signature (rfc x.509) - X.509 certificate utility library
x509-certificate-get-signature-algorithm (rfc x.509) - X.509 certificate utility library
x509-certificate-get-subject-dn (rfc x.509) - X.509 certificate utility library
x509-certificate-get-version (rfc x.509) - X.509 certificate utility library
x509-certificate? (rfc x.509) - X.509 certificate utility library
xml-object XML object
xml-object-attributes XML object
xml-object-contents XML object
xml-object-name XML object
xml-object? XML object
xml-token-head Data Types
xml-token-kind Data Types
xml-token? Data Types

yaml-read (text yaml) -- YAML parser
yaml-write (text yaml) -- YAML parser
yaml-write (text yaml) -- YAML parser
Yarrow Random number operations

Z_BEST_COMPRESSION (rfc zlib) - zlib compression library
Z_BEST_SPEED (rfc zlib) - zlib compression library
Z_DEFAULT_COMPRESSION (rfc zlib) - zlib compression library
Z_DEFAULT_STRATEGY (rfc zlib) - zlib compression library
Z_FILTERED (rfc zlib) - zlib compression library
Z_FIXED (rfc zlib) - zlib compression library
Z_HUFFMAN_ONLY (rfc zlib) - zlib compression library
Z_NO_COMPRESSION (rfc zlib) - zlib compression library
Z_RLE (rfc zlib) - zlib compression library
zero? Arithmetic operations
zlib-error-message (rfc zlib) - zlib compression library
zlib-error? (rfc zlib) - zlib compression library
zone-offset->timezones (sagittarius timezone) - Timezone
zone-offset->timezones* (sagittarius timezone) - Timezone