R6RS Libraries

Sagittarius works with library even toplevel expressions are belong to a library named "user". Here I list up all R6RS libraries. Some libraries contain the same procedure ie. assoc which is in (rnrs (6)) and (srfi :1 lists). In this case I will put a pointer to other library's section.

If library specifies its version, Sagittarius, however, ignores it. This behaviour may change in future.

  1. Library form
  2. Top library
  3. Base Library
  4. Unicode
  5. Bytevectors
  6. List utilities
  7. Sorting
  8. Control structures
  9. Records syntactic layer
  10. Records procedural layer
  11. Records inspection
  12. Exceptions
  13. Conditions
  14. I/O condition types
  15. File system
  16. Command-line access and exit values
  17. Arithmetic libraries
  18. Syntax-case
  19. Hashtables
  20. Enumerations
  21. Composite libraries