5.2(clos core) - CLOS core library

Library (clos core)
Low level CLOS API collection library.

Generic add-method generic method
Generic must be generic function. method must be method object.

Adds method to generic.

Generic compute-getter-and-setter class slot
Returns a list of getter, setter and bound check for the given class's slot slot.

The returning list must have 3 elements, getter, setter and bound? respectively. Each element must be either #f or procedure. If #f is used then the default procedure will be used.

For the example code, see Sagittarius MOP.

Generic compute-getters-and-setters class slots
Returns all getters and setters for the given class's slots.

The upper layer of compute-getter-and-setter. This method should only be used if users absolutely need to use accessor to access the target slots.

Function slot-definition-name slot
Returns slot name of given slot.
Function slot-definition-options slot
Returns slot options of given slot.
Function slot-definition-option slot keyword . default
Returns slot option's value of given slot if it has the keyword.

If default is given, then it will be the fallback value when keyword is not found. Otherwise this procedure raises an error.